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What is jelqing?

What is jelqing?

5 minute read

Theoretically, jelqing seems like a fantastic idea! An all-natural method for increasing the length of your penis? Yes, please!

However, after examining the facts about the long term consequences of jelqing, what was once a hope-raising theory full of many seemingly positive effects on the penis, the dream of stretching your way to a larger penis size quickly falls apart.

What is Jelqing?

Penis Enlargement | Jelqing | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

Although it doesn’t require any special tools, pills or products, jelqing still falls under the controversial and enormously profitable sales category of Penis Enlargement.  What is being marketed to men who are interested in having a larger penis is the jelqing technique itself.

For those who may be unfamiliar with jelqing, the dictionary definition of jelq is: "a penis enlargement technique in which the thumb and index finger are wrapped around the penis and repeatedly drawn away from the body in order to force blood into the glans and encourage vascularity." Picture milking a cow except the teat is your own penis. 

Also referred to as penis traction, this stretching method involves using your hand to physically stretch the semi-erect penis from the base to the head, many, many times per day, as a sort of ritual, increasing the number of jelqs every day. Published size results from a trustworthy source are so far nonexistent, but anecdotal claims about the benefits of jelqing are often taken as fact.

Unless you happen to associate only with size queens, all penile receivers will tell you that the most important aspect of a penis is the ability to become fully erect when the time is right. Even the ability to orgasm from sex is not as important as a properly functioning erection for some partners. And, this is where the problems with jelqing typically begin.

We’ve written about condom pumping in the past, and we generally get a lot of calls and questions about penis size in terms of length and girth. These two ways to enlarge your penis are related in the sense that condom pumping is a known medical cure for Peyronie's disease, while jelqing is attributed to causing Peyronie's disease. This disease is basically caused by a built up plaque in the erectile tissues of the shaft. It can lead to lumps, scarring and the INABILITY TO BECOME ERECT  (a.k.a. erectile dysfunction). Another cause for this disease is having too much half-erect sex.

Alternatives to Jelqing

Instead of trying to enlarge your penis, like many businesses claim they can help you achieve, why not make sure you are keeping your probably average sized penis in working order? Overall physical and mental health can greatly affect the ability to achieve an erection, as mentioned in Staying Hard While Wearing a Condom. Just like other indicators of good genes such as proper body proportions and intelligence, the ability to get and maintain an erection is a sign of good health and the ability to reproduce your own genes.

Do not allow insecurity over a few measly centimeters or an inch inhibit your romantic relationships or reproductive capabilities. Becoming adept at foreplay such as fingering the female G-Spot or male G-Spot and oral sex, along with the coital alignment technique, and the elusive boobgasm, are great ways to ensure that your partner is sexually fulfilled. Anal sex is also very popular with those who may be less endowed. When in doubt, think about women who have sex with women-- they are perfectly satisfied and aren't complaining about a too small penis inhibiting their ability to experience pleasure.

Furthermore, using toys is always an option whether there is a size or erection issue, or both. Although we do not currently carry a hollowed out strap on, this is a great alternative to jelqing. No need to damage your delicate tissues, take pills that don't work and build up plaque that prevents erections. Simply strap one on over your erection and bang away. Hand held vibrators is also a super fun way to get their motor running without falling prey to the consequences of ineffective and sometimes permanently damaging penis enlargement products.

Jelqing is also frequently marketed as a means to straighten out what some might consider a badly bent penis. Guys, let me let you in on a little secret: vaginas, mouths and anuses are also curved. So, having a curved penis is totally normal and can actually create a larger variety of sensations for the receiving partner. Having a straight penis is not necessarily preferable, regardless of what is more commonly shown in adult films.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to please a partner which don’t involve a personal risk due to enlargement. Furthermore, having a perfectly straight member is not needed for sexual gratification. There are many ways to have a healthy and enjoyable sex life without resorting to penis enlargement techniques like jelqing. If your partner doesn't like you the way you are, it is up to you to either move on to someone who appreciates your anatomy, or to learn to please them by alternate means.

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