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What is a Boobgasm?

What is a Boobgasm?

3 minute read

Good news, nipple enthusiasts! Achieving a breast induced orgasm may sound like a pipe dream, but it really can happen. As a matter of fact, breast induced orgasms, or "boobgasm," are as real as rush hour traffic.  As reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011, scientists have legitimately proven, through MRI scanning technology, that nipple stimulation is linked to and is extremely similar to direct stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.

The Clitoral-Nipple Connection

For the maximum chance at achieving the elusive boobgasm, I suggest treating the nipple like a clitoris. Avoid going right for it. Sometimes, less is more. Instead, tease the area by starting off slowly and gently caressing the side-boob and armpit area. Like clitoral touching, it is better to use moisture as opposed to “dry rubbing” the nipple. Blowing a stream of breath onto a wet nipple can also be very thrilling and can cause clitoral contractions.  Try lightly tapping it before giving it a tender nibble.

Pantone Parts

Pantone | Boobgasm | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

When blood flows to a specific area of the body during sexual activity, the result is the color of this body part becomes a darker shade of pink or red than it normally does. This phenomenon even applies to lips, which is why a lot of people find bright red lipstick to be so attractive. This same principle applies to both male and female genitalia.

Nipples are no exception to this rule. When stimulated, the nipples take on a darker, redder shade. This color change can be a visual clue for your or your partner in the quest for a boobgasm, because it indicates that they are receiving the right amount of touching.

Cyclical Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity and swelling of the breasts during menstruation can lead to increased pleasure or pain, depending on the type, harshness and duration of touching. Twisting or tweaking the nipple is not recommended during PMS or menstruation as it can be rather painful for a lot of women. Try to be aware of your own or your partner’s cycle so as not to cause them any discomfort during this particularly sensitive time of the month.

Bod Mod and Boobgasms

Boobgasms are more likely to occur in women who have natural breasts, i.e. non- surgically enhanced breasts. Loss or diminution of sensation can happen after any type of surgery due to the unpredictable nature of nerve endings. Some women claim to have partial numbness of both nipples after an enlargement or reduction, while some women can feel one nipple and not the other.

Breast Implant | Boobgasm | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

Conversely, some women with nipple piercings report increased sensitivity to nipple play and can even have clitoral stirrings when they clean or change out their jewelry. Keep in mind though that if you or your partner participates in a pierced boobgasm attempt, the health risks can be above average since it takes 12 months for a nipple piercing to fully heal and there's potential for the open wounds to become infected. Unhealed nipple piercings also seep bodily fluids.

Avoid suckling on any unhealed, modified nipples (due to surgery or piercing). If you feel you must get the nipples wet to achieve boobgasm, use a water-based, hypoallergenic personal lubricant as a saliva substitute. You may even want to consider cutting a flavored condom lengthwise as a makeshift nipple barrier or simply use a dental dam for additional protection against infection and other STDs.

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