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ID Lubricants

  • ID Pleasure Lubricant | Buy ID Lubricants online with Condom Depot

    ID Pleasure Lubricant

    Looking for a premium water-based lubricant with an added rush? ID Pleasure personal lubricant fits this bill. Similar to the ID Glide, this lubricant also has the added feature of an arousing, invigorating and stimulating menthol tingling sensation as...

    $9.99 - $18.99
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  • ID Millennium | Buy ID Glide personal lubricants from

    ID Millennium Long-Lasting Lubricant

    Sick and tired of breaking the mood in order to re-apply your lubricant? Then it’s time to get some ID Millennium personal lubricant. This extremely long-lasting, silicone-based lubricant can stand the test of time and is sure to stay super slick...

    $12.99 - $35.99
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  • ID Glide Personal Lubricant | Buy personal lubricants online from Condom Depot

    ID Glide Personal Lubricant

    The ID Glide Personal Lubricant is ideal for use with condoms because this water-based formula is extremely thick, rich and long lasting. Since it is water-based, it also safe for use with all adult toys.ID Glide lubricant also comes in an easy...

    $7.99 - $21.99
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