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Staying Hard While Wearing a Condom

Staying Hard While Wearing a Condom

3 minute read

Have you ever had trouble staying hard while wearing a condom? Even though men are usually classified as being simple beings, male bodies and minds are intricate and extremely complicated. Let's discuss why you or your partner may be having a hard time staying hard while wearing a condom. 

When the opportunity for sex arises, but the penis does not, this can be mortifying. The male in this scenario thinks there's something is horribly wrong with him and the woman blames herself for not being arousing enough. This is a vicious cycle which can lead to low self-esteem and a non-existent sex life.The truth is, many factors can come into play which will keep you from remaining erect. 

Sexual Anxiety

Sexual Anxiety | Staying hard while wearing a condom | Condom Depot Learning Center

Sexual anxiety is probably the most common reason why impotence occurs after a condom is put on. Condoms are a symbol of intimacy and can make males feel as though there's a heavy burden of sexual and/or emotional expectations from their partner. This can lead to a withdrawing due to nervousness, pressure and fear.

The reality of it is, this is a legitimate psychological disorder which is most commonly found in men who have a history of panic attacks and general anxiety disorders. Talk to your doctor if you feel as though you need medication to relax in times of pressure. When men find healthy ways to deal with their anxiety, putting on a condom won’t trigger negative stress any longer.

Sexual Burnout

Sexual burnout | Staying hard while wearing a condm

After extended periods of watching pornography, masturbating, or directly following sexual marathons it is perfectly normal to exhaust the area to the point of impotency. Some people find it is best to refrain from excessive sexual behaviors, stimuli, and orgasms prior to hooking up with a partner in order to prevent overexposure. Doing so can ensure that the area is raring to go when your partner is ready to put a condom on you.

Lack of Proper Stimulation

Lack of stimulation | Staying hard while wearing a condom

Since everyone has their own sexual preferences, fetishes and favorite foreplays, being with a new partner can be a bit of a guessing game. After consent is granted, encourage each other to do what is needed to get a solid erection going. If you’re a male and this requires prostate stimulation, so be it. If you must receive or give oral sex in order to become fully aroused, say so! Incorporate putting the condom on into whatever your favorite activity may be and this will help keep you in the “hard hat zone,” after it’s on.

Wrong Condom Size and Desensitization

We all know how important it is to wear the right sized condom in order to be as safe as possible. Not only can the correct condom size keep you better protected, it can also keep you harder! Wearing a condom which is too small can create a sausage casing-like effect on an erect penis.

The ring around the base of the penis, which creates an erection ring on an appropriately sized member, can actually cut off blood flow to a too large penis and cause flaccidness to occur. Be sure to measure for a correct fit using this guide and then compare the results to our condom size chart. Chances are, if you notice a deep indentation around the base of the shaft after wearing a condom, your condoms are simply too small for you.

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