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Kimono Condoms

Kimono Condoms

Kimono condoms are one of the most recognized condom brands, known for being the original thin condom. Ultra-thin condoms from Kimono are designed in Japan and are extremely sheer, dependable, and thin. Many of the Kimono condom styles include extra headroom for an ultra-sensitive design. Whether you want textured condoms or a variety pack of Japanese candoms, Condom Depot offers a variety of Kimono condoms at some of the best prices!

Kimono condoms are tested for strength and reliability, exceeding both US and ISO standards. All Kimono condoms are made with natural latex, are vegan-friendly, and contain paraben and glycerin-free lubricants.

For 26 years in a row, Kimono condoms have been top rated by consumers. Additionally, the Kimono MicroThin Condom previously held Condon Depot's title of World's Best Condom.

Kimono Condom Sizes

One of the benefits of Kimono's advanced technology and design is their ability to preserve the thinness of their latex condoms while offering a variety of sizes for men of varying lengths and girths. From the Kimono MAXX Large Flared (featuring a head width of 2.6 inches) to the more extra long Kimono Ribbed (type E) condoms, you can be sure that there's a Kimono condom that will fit your length. However, for the ultra-sized men shopping at Condom Depot, we recommend browsing our magnum condom selection. Kimono condoms, like most Japanese condoms, do tend to run more narrow than most condoms.

Kimono Condoms are one of the best condoms according to the people. Voted as the #1 condom, they come in a variety of sizes and thickness. These popular and highly rated condoms are perfect for those looking for either smaller or larger condoms.

  • Kimono Swirl Condoms | Japanese Condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono Swirl Condoms

    Kimono Swirl Condoms | 12ct or 36ct Retail Box The only double helix shaped condom in the US. Designed to twist with your movements. It's half condom and half toy. The Kimono Swirl condom features a distinctive textured design with strategically placed...

    $15.77 - $32.77
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  • Kimono Swirl Natural Cleaning Gel | Buy toy cleaner online from Condom Depot with discreet shipping

    Kimono Natural Cleaning Gel

    Kimono Natural Cleaning Gel | 4oz Discover the finest body-safe cleaning gel for your most intimate toys and places with Kimono Swirl Cleaning Gel. This naturally pure formula provides an effective way to clean yourself, your partner, and your intimate...

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  • Kimono Swirl Silicone Lubricant | Buy Kimono condoms and lubricants online from Condom Depot

    Kimono Swirl Silicone Lubricant

    Kimono Swirl Silicone Lubricant | 3.4oz Elevate your intimate moments with our thick, sensation-enhancing silicone lubricant. Developed with over 35 years of German science and engineering expertise, this top-quality lubricant is designed to amplify...

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  • Kimono Swirl Natural Lubricant | Buy all natural lube online at Condom Depot

    Kimono Swirl Natural Lubricant

    Kimono Swirl Natural Lubricant | 3.4oz Experience intimacy the way nature intended with our premium, water-based organic gel. Formulated with a blend of gentle, natural botanicals like passionflower and peony, this gel is pH balanced to ensure comfort...

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  • Kimono MicroThin Sheer Variety Pack | Japanese condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono MicroThin Sheer Variety Pack

    Kimono MicroThin Sheer Variety Pack | 12ct OR 24ct Retail Box Looking to sample Kimono's MicroThin condoms but don't know where to start? The Kimono MicroThin Sheer Varity Pack includes all of the best condoms from the most recognized condom brand. Ultra...

    $12.77 - $17.77
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  • Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube | Japanese Condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqualube Condoms

    Kimono MicroThin plus Aqua Lube Condoms | 12ct OR 24ct Retail Box Not only is this one of the thinnest condoms available in the US, these Kimono MicroThin Ultra condoms are also lubricated with a special water-based, natual lubricant called Aqua Lube...

    $12.77 - $17.77
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  • Kimono Thin Japanese Condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono Thin Condoms

    Kimono Thin | 12ct retail box These ultra thin Japanese condoms are form fitted for added sensation and a more natural feel. Kimono Thin condoms also have a reservoir tip and are lightly lubricated for ease of application and increased pleasure. Kimono...

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  • Kimono MicroThin Small Condoms | Condom Depot

    Kimono MicroThin Condoms

    Kimono MicroThin Condoms | 12ct OR 24ct Retail Box Kimono premium brand condoms, pioneers in the ultra thin condom market, have redesigned their best selling, snugger fit condom! One of the thinnest latex condom in the US, Kimono’s MicroThin condom...

    $12.77 - $17.77
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  • Kimono MicroThin XL Extra Large Condom | Japanese condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms

    Kimono MicroThin XL Extra Large Condoms | 12ct OR 36ct Retail Box The Kimono MicroThin XL is the newest development from Kimono, who is obviously looking to take the crown for the thinnest XL sized latex condom on the market. Kimono MicroThin XL...

    $12.77 - $20.70
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  • Kimono Reality Ultra Thin Condoms | Buy Kimono Condoms online from CondomDepot.com

    Kimono Reality Ultra Thin Condoms

    Stay safe and comfortable with Reality Ultra Thin Latex Condoms, featuring ultra thin, premium-grade, natural latex that's extra sensitive and a silky soft lubrication. Made in Japan by Kimono, which is world-renowned for the most ultra thin condoms,...

    $1.49 - $35.99
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  • Buy Kimono Condoms Sampler Jar | Condom Depot | Buy best condoms online

    Kimono Condoms Sampler

    Looking to sample Kimono's original thin condoms? The Kimono Sampler Jar includes all of the best condoms from the most recognized condom brand, and this exclusive variety pack is only available at Condom Depot.Ultra thin condoms from Kimono condoms are...

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  • Kimono Special | Buy Kimono Condoms online from CondomDepot.com

    Kimono Special Condoms

    Kimono Special lubricated, latex condom is made by Kimono in Thailand to help reduce costs. This particular condom is on par with the Kimono MicroThin condom but at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for more of a bareback feeling, and a...

    $1.99 - $30.00
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  • Kimono MicroThin Large | Buy Kimono Condoms online from CondomDepot.com

    Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms

    FINAL SALE | NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ACCEPTED EXPIRES DECEMBER 2023 The Kimono MicroThin Large condom intelligently combines sheer thinness and ultimate strength in a larger size condom. The MicroThin Large has been specially designed for the even most...

    $1.99 - $8.99
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  • Kimono Maxx Large Flared Condoms | Buy Kimono Condoms online from CondomDepot.com

    Kimono Maxx Large Flared Condoms

    Kimono Maxx condoms result from advanced engineering and careful attention to detail. The process starts with the selection of the most premium natural rubber latex, blended in a unique formulation, and processed with state-of-the-art technology. The...

    $1.49 - $51.00
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  • Kimono MAXX Condoms | Buy Kimono Condoms online from CondomDepot.com

    Kimono MAXX Condoms

    Kimono MAXX condoms can help provide a better love making experience through features such as: 25% more extra head room, added length and extreme thinness. Made specifically for those who desire greater more comfort, Kimono MAXX Condoms are the result of...

    $1.49 - $51.00
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