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Pleasure Plus Condoms

Pleasure Plus Condoms

From the makers of ONE Brand Condoms, Pleasure Plus condoms were specially designed to give males more comfort and females more pleasure. Pleasure Plus features a roomy pouch at the tip and fine internal ribs for ultimate pleasure. The reservoir tip of Pleasure Plus condoms  allow for more comfort, leaving these condoms one of the most-preferred condoms by experts and customers alike.

Pleasure Plus Condoms Innovative Pouch Design

The design of the Pleasure Plus condom is a unique engineering feat: the additional pouch at the tip of the condom creates additional stimulation, while not giving a "baggy" feeling. Reviewers of these condoms have claimed that the pouch design on the Pleasure Plus even makes the condom itself less noticeable for both partners during romantic encounters. Magazine reviewers also claimed that the Pleasure Plus condom was like "latex viagra," which is a very daring claim. The only way to know if the Pleasure Plus condom lives up to its name is to try them for yourself!

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