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Coital Alignment Technique

Coital Alignment Technique

5 minute read

Many women find it difficult or impossible to reach climax from vaginal penetration alone. So, what can be done to incorporate the clitoris into lovemaking? The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a marvelous way to incorporate the clitoris into penetrative vaginal sex with your partner. In fact, I had always assumed that the "C" in this acronym stood for clitoris.

Lifted Missionary | Coital Alignment Technique | CondomDepot.com Learning Center

CAT can lead to in-sync orgasms, by increasing the time it takes for the male to climax and reducing the amount of time it takes for a receiver to reach their peak pleasure. In fact, I can’t even hear the Isaac Hayes song Simultaneous Lovin' without thinking about the awesome and life changing CAT. Using this technique with a Durex Performax Intense condom can increase the odds of a photo finish in the race to O-land.

Adjust The Thrust to Make Them Bust

A lot of givers feel that a sharp thrusting in and out of the vagina, like a banging piston, is the best method of action during sex. Granted, this motion can feel great and may be very pleasurable for the receiver's stimulation, and it can indirectly stimulate the wishbone-shaped areas of the clitoris which run along the labia minora. But, who wants to settle for indirect titillation, when there’s such an easy option for direct clitoral contact?

This hyper-gratifying technique is best boiled down as such: the giver's mons pubis area needs to be pressing on the clitoris during intercourse. This point of contact can be achieved through a modified missionary position or in the cowgirl position. A rocking or gentle side to side motion is ideal for clitoral stimulation.

If you have ever experienced a woman who is grinding on your leg, this will be a similar motion as CAT. Many women have more success with achieving an orgasm through CAT while they are on top, simply because this allows them to have a greater amount of control on the pressure, speed, etc. of the point of contact. But, lowering down from a push-up position to a more horizontal position during missionary will create the same type of contact point.

The CAT works very well with small or smaller penises because it requires the full insertion of the erect penis into the vagina, which many men who are longer in size are unable to accomplish without hitting the cervix. So, in this case, smaller is definitely better!

Fur and the Purr

As a side note-- I’d like to add that having a prickly pubic patch resembling 5 o’clock shadow may seriously irritate the clitoris during CAT to the point of discomfort and a loss of enjoyment. Thus, completely shaved, trimmed or au natural pubes are recommended for men who want to attempt an extended CAT session with their female partner.

A Vibrating Ring Will Make Them Sing

A logical progression of CAT while using a condom like the Crown Condom is to add an additional product to the mix. Not only do these rings provide clitoris-rattling goodness, they can also serve as an erection ring, keeping blood trapped in the erection for an exceptionally rock-hard version of yourself. If you are unfamiliar with them, check out "How to Use a Vibrating Ring."

Like condoms and adult toys, size matters when it comes to vibrating rings. Our Erection Ring Size Chart can be very helpful whilst shopping for a toy to use during CAT sex. Personally, I prefer the new Screaming O Big O Charged Vibrating Ring, but the Vibrating Johnny is also very highly rated by our customers and staff members.


Sadly, HSV-1 is becoming increasingly common in women who participate in oral sex. This is the oral strand of the herpes virus which is  responsible for cold sores. This lifelong virus can be spread to a female partner through performing unprotected oral sex on her. This is one of the reasons why I always suggest using a Dental Dam for both cunnilingus and anilingus.

Like all sexual activities though, avoidance is the safest bet for both partners-- especially if symptoms of HSV-1 have been present in the past. But, since clitoral arousal can be vital for a woman’s overall sexual satisfaction, avoiding the area may cause her to throw a clit fit due to unreleased vasocongestion (the female equivalent of blue balls). Don’t let this happen to you or your partner.

Remember, when oral is not an option due to HSV-1, you can still have loads of fun. Simply show your partner you know where it is at, by impressing them with your CAT!

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