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Snugger Fit Condoms

Snugger Fit Condoms / Small Condoms

Snugger fit small condoms are slightly smaller than the average condom in width and on some models in length. Shop in this condom style if you find that regular condoms sometimes slip off. Not sure what small condoms are right for you? Check out our Buyers Guide to Smaller (Snugger Fit) Condoms.

Still not sure what is the best Snug Fit condom? Try the exclusive Condom Depot Snugger Fit Condom Sampler Pack for a variety of small condom brands and styles to see what fits you best.

  • Kimono Swirl Condoms | Japanese Condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono Swirl Condoms

    Kimono Swirl Condoms | 12ct or 36ct Retail Box The only double helix shaped condom in the US. Designed to twist with your movements. It's half condom and half toy. The Kimono Swirl condom features a distinctive textured design with strategically placed...

    $15.77 - $32.77
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  • Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms | Buy Caution Wear Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Iron Grip Condoms

    Our Top Rated Snugger fit Condom! If you havent tried these you are missing out!! Iron Grip Condoms are a snugger fitting, smaller width sized condom and are perfect for those who have trouble with condoms falling off. The Iron Grips do what they...

    $1.99 - $49.77
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  • Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube | Japanese Condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqualube Condoms

    Kimono MicroThin plus Aqua Lube Condoms | 12ct OR 24ct Retail Box Not only is this one of the thinnest condoms available in the US, these Kimono MicroThin Ultra condoms are also lubricated with a special water-based, natual lubricant called Aqua Lube...

    $12.77 - $17.77
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  • Kimono Thin Japanese Condoms from Condom Depot

    Kimono Thin Condoms

    Kimono Thin | 12ct retail box These ultra thin Japanese condoms are form fitted for added sensation and a more natural feel. Kimono Thin condoms also have a reservoir tip and are lightly lubricated for ease of application and increased pleasure. Kimono...

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  • Kimono MicroThin Small Condoms | Condom Depot

    Kimono MicroThin Condoms

    Kimono MicroThin Condoms | 12ct OR 24ct Retail Box Kimono premium brand condoms, pioneers in the ultra thin condom market, have redesigned their best selling, snugger fit condom! One of the thinnest latex condom in the US, Kimono’s MicroThin condom...

    $12.77 - $17.77
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  • Snugger Fit Condom Sampler | Buy Snugger Fit Condoms online from CondomDepot.com

    Snugger Fit Condom Sampler Pack

    An assortment of snugger fit size condoms including LifeStyles. Snug Fit Condoms are slightly smaller then the average condom in width and on some models in length. Available in a 12, 24 or 48-packs. 12 Pack of the Snugger Fit Sampler...

    $8.99 - $18.99
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  • Buy Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms online | Condom Depot

    LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms

    The LifeStyles Snugger Fit condom is an ultra-sensitive latex condom with a narrower grip on the shaft which prevents the condom from slipping off during use. If you or your partner has had issues with slippage in the past, try this comfortable condom on...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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