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WET Personal Lubricants: Brand History & Products

WET Personal Lubricants: Brand History & Products

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Because WET makes such an extensive variety of high-quality personal lubricants, they have become an ever-expanding cornerstone in the lubricant manufacturing industry for over 25 years.

WET Brand Lubricants: The Origin

Originally, the idea for WET lubes arose from a growing concern over the rise in HIV during the 1980’s. Since condom sales were on the rise, and lubricants reduce the likelihood of condoms breaking, a niche for a fun, fresh and new kind of lube opened up. It was at this crucial time in our sexual history when Michael Trigg, who (according to his website) is now semi-retired and working as an actor, sold off real estate and maxed out his credit card in the late eighties to began Wet International, Inc.

WET Brand Lubricants: Product Lines

WET offers a full line of personal lubricants including: silicone-based, water-based, flavored, gel, warming, tingling, couples, anal, natural, clitoral stimulating, synergy, ecstasy and pheromone enhanced lubes.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! In addition to these fine, condom-safe lubricants, they also make Inttimo by Wet products, such as decadent shaving creams and luxurious massage/bath oils.


WET Brand Lubricants: Staff Reviews

Aside from being Condom Depot's top-selling lubricant brand, making it our customers' all-time favorite lubricant brand, our staff simply can’t get enough of WET’s products either! Check them out for an insider's perspective on which WET products worked for us and which ones did not.

Need Even More WET Info to Fully Quench Your Curiosity?

  • The specific WET lubes which are currently dominating our list of our top ten best selling lubes are: WET Platinum, WET Silky Supreme, WET Beautifully Bare and WET Fun Flavors.
  • Check out the History of Personal Lubricants for an overview of how modern-day lubricants came to be.
  • Want to know more about the ingredients in lubes? Read What's in My Lube? for a complete listing!

Not Quite WET Enough Yet? Here Are Some Quick WET Brand Stats:

  • Parent Company: Trigg Laboratories
  • Founder: Michael Trigg
  • Division: Wet International, Inc.
  • Date Company Began: 1989
  • Lube Manufacturing/Packaging Location: Made in the USA onsite in Valencia, California
  • Social Responsibility: Wet LGBT, charitable donations to over 300 nonprofit organizations worldwide, Lube Tube video reviews
  • Availability: 62 countries
  • Regulations and Testing: certified kosher, compliantt with the FDA's strict Medical Device Quality System Regulations (QSR) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), certified medical device manufacturing facility, WET Platinum is 501K certified as a medical device
  • Number of Employees: between 51-200
  • Product Line: 80+ products

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