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Search our entire condoms inventory by Style. Here you will find ribbed condoms for her, thin condoms for him and even flavored condoms for oral sex.

Condoms come in a variety of styles, each designed to provide a different type of sensation or to fit a particular type of anatomy. Some common styles of condoms include:

  1. Standard or Regular: This is the most basic and traditional style of condom, and is usually made from latex. It is designed to fit the average penis size.

  2. Ultra-thin or Sensitive: These condoms are made from a thinner material and are designed to provide increased sensation during sex.

  3. Ribbed or Textured: These condoms have a ribbed or textured surface and are designed to increase stimulation for both partners.

  4. Large or Magnum: These condoms are larger in size than standard condoms and are designed to fit men who are larger than average.

  5. Snug or Tight Fit: These condoms are tighter around the base of the penis, providing a more secure fit.

  6. Flavored: These condoms are coated in a flavored lubricant, and are often used during oral sex.

  7. Non-latex: For individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities, non-latex condoms are made from materials such as polyisoprene or polyurethane.

  8. Spermicidal: These condoms contain a chemical called nonoxynol-9, which is intended to kill sperm and reduce the risk of pregnancy.

It's important to choose a condom that fits well and feels comfortable, to help reduce the risk of breakage and increase the effectiveness of the condom as a barrier against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Trustex Extra Large Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Extra Large Condoms

    When you are in the market for a seriously long condom, strongly consider this one. The Trustex Extra Large is in the top 5 longest condoms we carry, and the width is nothing to scoff at. Otherwise, this is one of Trustex’s more traditional...

    $1.49 - $5.99
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  • Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms

    Got a simultaneous hankering for some soda and some sex? Not a problem! No need to make a run to the convenience store. Simply combine your two unquenchable cravings into one glorious occasion with the Trustex Cola Flavored condom! Incredibly, this...

    $1.49 - $27.99
    Out of stock
  • Trustex Chocolate Flavored Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Chocolate Flavored Condoms

    Rich, chocolatey flavor is finally available in the form of a condom. If you or your partner are chocoholics, now you can combine your two loves into one, by using the Trustex Chocolate Flavored condoms. The sugar-free formula is safe for vaginal use and...

    $1.49 - $27.99
    Out of stock
  • Trustex Banana Flavor Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Banana Flavored Condoms

    Think back to sex ed class, when you learned how to put a condom on a phallic shaped banana. Well, now you and your partner can enjoy a condom that smells and tastes just like a real banana, but with you as the apparatus! The Trustex Banana Flavored...

    $1.49 - $27.99
    Out of stock
  • Trustex Assorted Flavors Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Assorted Flavored Condoms

    The smell of latex condoms is no perfume, and the taste isn't ideal, so add some flavor to your life with assorted Trustex Assorted Flavors Condoms. Push your classic condoms to the back of the drawer and grab a strawberry or mint condom from Trustex...

    $1.49 - $27.99
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  • Trustex Assorted Colors Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Assorted Color Condoms

    Ready to impress your partner by exceeding their sexual expectations with flying colors? Then put on a Trustex Assorted Colors condom and go for it! These latex condoms have a water-based lubricant, a slightly above average girth size and a reservoir tip...

    $1.49 - $27.99
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  • Trustex Ribbed & Studded Condoms | - Buy Trustex Condoms Online at CondomDepot.com

    Trustex Ribbed & Studded Condoms

    When you are ready to experience a bone-shakingly bumpy ride, it’s time to get yourself some Trustex Ribbed and Studded condoms. These tinted red latex condoms feature raised ribs and studs for your partner’s added enjoyment and satisfaction...

    $1.49 - $27.99
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  • LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condoms - Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condoms

    LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condoms are extremely thin, which means more sensation and heat transfer for both partners. Ultra-thin condoms are designed to keep you from feeling that 'trash bag' sensation, so you and your partner can enjoy your romantic...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms - Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms

    LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms are perfect if want to feel everything there is to feel. With slightly less girth than average, this condom is ideal for longer, thinner guys who desire the most sensitive condom they can find. LifeStyle Ultra Sensitive...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms - Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms

    The Ribbed Pleasure Condoms by LifeStyles lined with ribs to make her experience more pleasurable. These ribbed condoms are made from the highest quality latex that you expect from the LifeStyles brand. If you’re looking for a textured condom that...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • LifeStyles Tuxedo Black Condoms- Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Tuxedo Black Condoms

    A tuxedo is the ultimate way to dress up for any occasion. Something about a man in pitch black is unusually attractive. The same thing applies to the LifeStyles Tuxedo Black Condom. A pitch-black condom is just more formal and dressier. Introducing the...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • Buy Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms online | Condom Depot

    LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms

    The LifeStyles Snugger Fit condom is an ultra-sensitive latex condom with a narrower grip on the shaft which prevents the condom from slipping off during use. If you or your partner has had issues with slippage in the past, try this comfortable condom on...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • LifeStyles Non Lubricated Condoms- Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms

    The Lifestyles Non-Lubricated condoms are the longest and widest dry condoms on the market. These high quality non lubricated condoms come with a reservoir tip and are perfect for use with your favorite water or silicone-based lubricant. Non-lubricated...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • LifeStyles Flavored Condoms- Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Flavored Condoms

    LifeStyles Flavored Condoms are a tempting assortment of delicious flavors and colors for extra fun and excitement! Very Strawberry, Sensuous Vanilla, Tropical Banana, Chocolate and Blueberry flavors and scents are a tantalizing way to stay safer during...

    $1.99 - $68.00
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  • LifeStyles Condom Sampler- Buy LifeStyles Condoms Online | CondomDepot.com

    LifeStyles Condom Sampler

    Can’t make up your mind about which outstanding LifeStyles condom to buy? Not a problem! With the LifeStyles Sampler Pack, you will get 30 of the all-time-best LifeStyles condoms, all at the same time!This assortment is ideal for those who are...

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