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Q: Which condoms are best for smaller penises?

Q: Which condoms are best for smaller penises?

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Q: Which condoms are best for smaller penises?

"Your "how to" for condom sizing asks for a length at the top and a circumference. Yet, in the sizing chart it asks for a length and a width which I would translate to a diameter... sort of. These are two different dimensions. My cock is 4 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference. I can calculate that my "width" is 1.6 inches. Using those two dimensions, I assume that small is the correct size. In the past, I have not had much success with condoms because my length is short and the condom unrolls only a small amount leaving a wad of very tight rubber around the base of my cock. The pressure prevents me from cumming. Will a small condom alleviate this problem or am I doomed because of my size?"

A: The width calculation our condom size chart refers to the nominal width. 

Condom Choices for Snugger Fits

Buy Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms

The smallest condom that we carry currently is called Iron Grip by Caution Wear, and was recently awarded our World's Best Condoms title. I don’t know which condoms you’re currently using, but we called these our snugger-fit condoms because not only are they smaller in length, they’re also tighter. Girth is just as important as length when it comes to measuring condom size, if not more so. The Iron Grips are just six inches long, but one big complaint we get about them is that they can be too restrictive when it comes to girth, and certainly, if you’re left with excess condom material at base of your penis, this might become an issue.

If you can’t fill out the length of the condom, getting closer to your girth size might be your best option. This will keep the condom from slipping off and still allow it to be more comfortable. Most of our snugger-fit customers prefer either Lifestyles’ Snugger Fit or Beyond Seven, the latter of which are made by Okamoto. We even sell a sampler pack of Beyond Seven’s different products as well as a sampler pack of our best-selling snugger-fit condoms.

And if you're looking for a textured condom remember, checking our Condom Size Chart can help you find condoms that are sneakily not labeled as a snugger-fit choice but are still great options.

Japanese condom companies, like Okamoto or Kimono tend to make their condoms a little smaller than American companies. They’re also leading the world in thinner condoms-- which may help you have not as much bunched up at the base of your penis. We carry a sampler tin of Japanese condoms that will cover a wide variety of brands, plus it includes some Vibrating Johnnys, which will fit any penis size.

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