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Top 10 Condoms for Hipsters

Top 10 Condoms for Hipsters

5 minute read

If you’d be mistaken for a hobo, if it wasn’t for your constant iPhone use, you might be hipster.

Hipsters are known for their discerning taste preferences, including fine wines, small batch craft beers and American Spirits, yet they're humble enough to enjoy thrift shopping, riding on bikes instead of in cars, couch crashing and an ice cold PBR.

Hipsters, who are the hippies of our day, are also known for loving anything that is free. Free of conformist ingredients, that is. Is this pizza gluten-free? Is this gum artificial sweetener-free? Is this mustache wax cruelty-free? Is this taco GMO-free?

Of course, hipsters are also known for their carefree attitudes towards sex and sexuality.I carefully examined our enormous selection of condoms in order to determine which of our condoms are the most hipster friendly, so there won’t be an outpouring of hipster babies in Animal Collective onesies who will rise up and rule the earth in a couple of decades.

The Top 10 Condoms for Hipsters:

10. Caution Wear Grande

Buy Caution Wear Grande Condoms Online

Caution Wear Grande Condom Stats:

Length:8.25“ or 209.6mm
Base Width:2“ or 50.8mm
Head Width:2.125” or 53.98mm
Features:Latex, Large-Sized

For the plus-sized-hipster-mister who is doing his part to stick it to Trojan for their commercialized success, yet is in need of Large-sized condoms, try the silicone-lubed Caution Wear Grande as a less expensive, higher quality Trojan Magnum alternative.

9. LifeStyles Tuxedo

Buy Lifestyles Tuxedo Black Condoms Online

Lifestyles Tuxedo Condom Stats:

Length:8“ or 203.2mm
Base Width:2“ or 50.8mm
Features:Latex, Reservoir Tip, Black tinted

Did you just attend a hipster wedding, which was complete with customized acid washed jean jackets, plaid bow ties and second hand chiffon gowns from the 80s? Did the happy couple ride off together on a tandem bike, with recycled toilet paper streaming from the back of it? Then make your night complete by topping off the ensemble with a LifeStyles Tuxedo.

8. Trojan Her Pleasure

Buy Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms Online

Trojan Her Pleasure Condom Stats:

Length:8.25“ or 209.55mm
Base Width:2.12“ or 53.98mm
Features:Contoured Shape, Ribs

This lightbulb-shaped condom, called the Trojan Her Pleasure, is perfect for those uncircumcised hipsters, who feel the same way about condoms as they do about their underemployment as a Barista with a Masters degree-- they need some wiggle room.

7. World’s Best Tin

3 - WINK Condoms
3 - ONE Pleasure Dome Condoms
3 - Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms
3 - Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms
3 - LifeStyles SKYN Condoms
3 - Paradise Slim Fit
3 - Crown Skinless Skin Condoms
3 - LifeStyles Ultra Thin Condoms
3 - ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms
3 - La Confidential
1- Vibrating Johnny Ring from Screaming O!
2 - Lube Trial Packs

For the discerning condom connoisseur hipster, who sips wine that's older than they themselves are, only the best will do. And, at 30 condoms for $30, their Etsy shop should just about cover the cost of the World's Best Tin. This tin also doubles as a reusable bucket for composting or catching home brew overflow.

6. Kameleon Tri-Color

Kameleon Tri-Color Condom Stats:

Length:7“ or 177.8mm
Base Width:2“ or 50.8mm
Features:Reservoir-tip, American Tri-Color

Ready for some ironic patriotism while you break in that trash picked love seat? Then put on that Kameoleon Tri-Color condom! This over-the-top american flag condom pairs well with fluorescent sunglasses and a Cosby sweater.

5. Lixx Dental Dams

Lixx Dental Dams Come in Five Flavors:


While not a condom, this Lixx Dental Dam latex barrier is great for the LGBT hipster community, as well as straight hipsters who don’t want the herp messing up their handlebar 'stache perch.

4. Trojan NaturaLamb

Trojan NaturaLamb Condom Stats:

Length:7.37“ or 187.32mm
Base Width:2.5“ or 63.5mm
Features:Natural Membrane: Does NOT protect against STDS. Use Only For Birth Control!

Perfect for those on a Paleo diet or those who are into all-natural products, this natural lamb membrane feels like dream, but beware cool cats, because this NaturaLamb condom only protects against pregnancy, not STDs.

3. FC2 Female Condom

FC2 Female Condom Stats:

Length:6.87“ or 174.63mm
Base Width:2.87“ or 73.02mm
Features:Female Condom

Hipsters' feminist edge makes this non-latex female condom ideal for female empowerment and gender role reversal. Bring a FC2 with you in your fanny pack the next time go to a festival and you won't regret it. As of 2021, this product is not approved by the FDA. 

2. LifeStyles SKYN or LifeStyles SKYN Large

Lifestyles SKYN Condom Stats:

Length:7.875“ or 200.3mm
Base Width:2“ or 50.8mm
Features:Non-latex, Reservoir tip

These non-latex condoms are one of the few condoms that can be used with the hipster’s new favorite lube-- coconut oil. Coconut oil causes latex condoms to break due to increased heat from friction, but luckily LifeStyles SKYN and SKYN Large are made from polyisoprene.

1. 100 Condoms Super Sampler Pack

100 Condoms Sampler Pack Comes with Condoms from:

Beyond SevenLifestyles
Caution WearImpulse
...And More!

When the whole house is filled with hipsters, you better believe they are knockin’ mismatched Converse. This 100 Condom Super Sampler Pack is under $30, so if everyone chips in 5 bucks, you’ll all be safe. Share the wealth and instead of shopping for strollers at the Salvation Army, you and your roomies can score that new Arcade Fire album on vinyl.

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