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Product Review: TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring

Product Review: TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring

4 minute read

The TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring is a seamless, easy to clean, snugger fit erection ring which is made from phthalate-free TPR by Doc Johnson.

In general, I’m a big fan of decorating genitalia for sexy times, which is why I enjoy using condoms and various kinds of cock rings. It’s fun and a bit fancier, and the effort makes the event seem more intimate and special, like looking presentable for a nice dinner. 

When I saw this inexpensive cock ring ($12.99) in person, I could tell the price didn't reflect the quality. This is no chintzy product. I adore the bright blue hue and shiny slickness of this ring. I also noted right away that it’s seamless, which makes it super smooth and easier to wash. This ring was ready to dress to impress.

This seamless quality also means less chance of damaging a condom while putting it on or during use. My partner and I selected our favorite condom, the Crown Skinless Skin and a high quality silicone-based lube called WET Platinum for this particular adventure into erotic town.

After applying a small amount of lube to his member, I rolled down the condom and then used a generous amount of lube on the outside of the condom once it was rolled to the base of the penis. For good measure, I also applied additional lube to the TitanMen cock ring before I stretched it down his shaft and gently snapped it into place, so it butted up right against the ring of the condom. Not only does this extra lube reduce the likelihood of the condom breaking, it also made the ring gleam like a freshly waxed muscle car parked under a midday sunbeam.

While this ring is stretchy, it does have its limits, so expect troubles if you or your partner is of thicker than average girth. The TitanMen cock ring has a 3.14" circumference when it's not stretched, and a max stretched circumference of 4.71." For erection rings which may be a better fit for those girthy guys, check out our Erection Ring Size Chart for all the specs. However, for men with a smaller girth, this cock ring is a godsend. It has serious gripping power, and could help keep a larger girth condom where it needs to be. Not sure how to measure your girth? Click here to find out.

The ring packaging advertises this stretchy sex tool as a way to, “use your tool longer,” “...for extended pleasure,” and as a, “power enhancer.” This made me a bit leery, as my partner is not known for being a premature ejaculator or in need of any additional tools for longevity.

Originally, I presumed I’d have to take the ring off when he was nearing completion, as if it might hinder the process. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact, with the help of this product, his time to orgasm was significantly shortened. So was mine.

It also warns that prolonged or frequent use of penis enhancing devices may cause ruptured blood vessels, hemorrhage and hematoma formation and that it may aggravate existing conditions with the urethral structure or priapism (erections lasting more than four hours). So, be sure to use it sparingly and with discretion. If it hurts, it's too snug and you should take it off.

Personally, I was very happy using an erection enhancing ring that didn’t vibrate. It allowed me to feel the extra blood in his head area without becoming numb. Plus, it requires no batteries and is reusable. If you prefer a vibrating erection ring, I’d check our recently published buying guide, ‘Best Vibrating Rings’ for our top rated vibrating rings.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

The TitanMen Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring made him harder, firmer and it provided added security for keeping the condom in place, even after ejaculation. I enthusiastically recommend this ring to anyone with a slim-to-average girth who wants to be extremely erect with a beautifully bulbous tip!

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