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Trojan Magnum XL Announcement - Wrapper Change

Trojan Magnum XL Announcement - Wrapper Change

3 minute read

From time to time, condom companies change the packaging and labeling of their products. Trojan condoms, which is a division of the Church & Dwight corporation, is no exception to this rule.

Unfortunately, not all condom manufacturers report these changes to their third party distributors, like Condom Depot. Unbeknownst to us, the famed gold wrapper of Trojan Magnum XL condoms has very recently undergone a slight change in appearance.

Previously, the text on the gold wrapper was larger and printed in a large font in a bold face black ink. Now, the Trojan Magnum XL has a much smaller, some would even say tiny, white font on the edge. Upon first glance, the new Trojan Magnum XL appears to be a regular Trojan Magnum (which is smaller). When you order or reorder Trojan Magnum XLs, look closely at the right side of the wrapper. You will notice a very small, white and fine print which runs vertically. It says: XL LUBRICATED.

Underneath this text is the expiration date and the lot number from the manufacturer. For example, the one I am using for reference for this article states:

EXP08-2018 TT3236YC

Upon receiving their order and opening their package, our valued customers may become confused by this change. We would like to prevent this packaging change from causing you any further distress. Rest assured, we only sell authentic, high quality name brand condoms here, all of which are purchased directly from the companies who make them, such as Trojan. We never buy or sell condoms from middlemen or unknown sources and we only carry items of the highest standard. Our staff members personally try out our products before recommending them for purchase by our customers.

Manufacturers packaging and name change decisions are not made by us. While we do try to keep our site as up to date as possible, you may see an image on our site which is an older version of a product’s packaging. We try to keep our customers well informed, but companies change their marketing strategies so often, sometimes even we are unaware of them. Occasionally, condom companies even change the entire name of their condoms for legal or marketing reasons. For instance, Caution Wear’s Wild Rose condoms were formerly known as Speed Bumps condoms.

We sincerely apologize for any concern or confusion this packaging change for the Trojan Magnum XL may have caused to our loyal customers. If you ever purchase condoms which you believe to be fraudulent from another source, we advise for you to verify the lot number of the condom with the manufacturer. In the case of all Trojan condoms,this is Church & Dwight. Using this lot number, condom manufacturers can track the origin of the condom (since they usually have multiple factories) as well as the date of production.

Thank you for your understanding Condom Depot’s commitment both to you and to our high quality, brand name merchandise. If you have any further questions or inquiries about your product’s packaging, please feel free to ask us, or the manufacturer, either by phone or through the web.

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