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How-To: Have Safer Shower Sex

How-To: Have Safer Shower Sex

2 minute read

Unlike most people, I keep condoms in my medicine cabinet. Why, you ask? Because they’re super handy for safer shower sex, of course!

Although I choose to keep my tucked away within arms reach of the shower, a linen closet or cabinet under the sink would work just as well for storing condoms. All of these storage options keep condoms out of harm's way, as they’ll be away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Just be sure they are not near any tweezers, scissors, nail files or other sharp objects which could potentially puncture a condom wrapper.

It may seem illogical, but water actually dries out the skin, which makes lubricants even more important than they normally are. Like skin, latex also dries out in water. To prevent micro tears in the vagina and/or anus and tears in your condoms, use a waterproof lube made from a silicone-base.

Like sex on dry land, putting a drop of lubricant inside the reservoir tip of the condom will make safer shower sex more pleasurable and safer as well. Do this and apply a bit inside of your partner prior to penetration too, since the vaginal walls will also be depleted of natural moisture from the watery landscape.

Our favorite condom-safe lubes for the shower tend to be the thicker ones, as they stay where you put them. For vaginal sex we recommend Pjur BodyGlide Woman. For anal sex in the shower, try Pjur Analyse Me or Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide. And, of course, using a Lube Shooter will allow the lube to easily enter the inside of the anus, where it needs to be.

Even though it may seem convenient and harmless at the time-- do not use other shower items with condoms, even if you usually masturbate with them. These items include: baby oil, shower gel, vaseline, liquid soap and conditioner. These can damage and compromise a condom’s integrity, causing it to break.

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