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Cuckolding and Condoms

Cuckolding and Condoms

4 minute read

In the spirit of the fast approaching FetCon 2014 in Tampa this weekend, there is no better time explore what cuckolding is, and to reexamine the role in which condoms play in the cuckolding lifestyle.

Not to be confused with other forms of non-monogamy, like polyamory, polygamy and swingers, couples into the cuck lifestyle have their own unique set of circumstances and rules. Cuckolding revolves around the one-sided pleasure of the wife, with a focus on withholding from the submissive husband, while he witnesses his wife in bed with another (seemingly manlier) man.

Female-Led Relationships

Powerful women are a force which should not be reckoned with. Women who call the shots in their relationship may be called Dommes, Dominatrixes, Mistresses, or any other name they derive pleasure from. Domination, supremacy, entitlement, double standards and humiliation are a consensual part of the sexual arousal process for everyone involved in a female-led relationship (FLR), and a mutual respect, a boatload of trust and very deep bond is essential for cuckolding.

The Cuck, the Bull and the Hotwife

The three main roles in the cuckold community are the cuck, the bull and the hotwife. The hotwife is primarily in a relationship with the cuck (husband), who she may or may not be fluid bonded with. But, since this essentially a threesome type scenario, despite a possible lack of touching of the hotwife by the cuck during the events, condoms and dental dams are the only ways to stay safe from unwanted pregnancy, possible infections and STDs.

The bull can be a regular figure in addition to the primary relationship, or there may be a rotating stock of bulls. Traditionally, the bull is named as such because he has a much larger penis size than the cuck, and can essentially be a stud-for-hire, much like how a bull is used in cattle ranching.

So, what’s wrong with that? Nothing. As long as it’s done safely-- but a lot of times it’s not. Cream pies (ejaculating inside of a woman without a condom) are often considered to be an essential aspect of the cuckold lifestyle and the fetish revolves around the degradation of the cuck, and it doesn’t get any more primal than another man possibly impregnating your wife all while swapping possible viruses and infections, while he watches-- happy to be helpless.

I implore the cuckold community to reconsider this final step of the cuckold. There is plenty of power play to be had without it, and it simply isn’t safe for anyone involved. Even if all parties have taken a full panel STD test from a professional, there are no tests for male HPV, unless symptoms are present. Additionally, other issues like UTIs, parasites, sperm allergies, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis can be spread during unprotected sex. For these many reasons, using condoms while cuckolding is essential.

As one of our #sextalktuesday participants so eloquently stated: Condoms a mood killer? You've obviously never had another man's wife put one on you with her mouth! To make sure all three of you are as safe as possible while enjoying each other's company, read up on safer oral sex, safer anal sex and consult our Condom Size Chart to determine which condoms sizes the cuck and bull will need. Most likely, the cuck will fit into small to medium sized condoms while the bull will most likely need a condom from the '5 Best Condoms for Large Penises' list.

Male Chastity

In extreme cuckolding situations, the male cuck may be placed into a purchased or homemade male chastity belt. Chastity belts prevent erections and orgasms and this is called orgasm denial. Oftentimes these chastity cages cover the entire penis and scrotum, with only a slit for urine to pass through, and they are secured with a padlock, with the only keyholder being the hotwife.

This can be done while the hotwife and the bull have intercourse, or she could put him in chastity and keep him there for days, weeks or months at a time. Chastity serves as a form of sexual suspense, as punishment, as a means of control and as a way to prevent cheating or masturbating. Many cucks resort to prostate massage as their only means of sexual gratification, which further enhances the role reversal in the giving/receiving department, much like pegging.

Much like condom size, chastity belts need to fit properly in order to be safe. There must be adequate airflow and hygiene capabilities. Also, a huge amount of trust must be placed in the keyholder, because if she loses that key, it's a trip to the E.R. for the cuck in order to have it removed.

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