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Condoms In Fine Art

Condoms In Fine Art

4 minute read

While you may be familiar with the art of seduction and the Art of Edging, did you know that condoms have been used in the creation of many famous art pieces?

Emeritus Benedict

Take, for instance, Niki Johnson’s stunning depiction of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, made entirely from condoms. Over 17,000 colored condoms were used in this larger than life creation, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Pope. The condoms were hand stitched onto a backing, much like the process of embroidery.

Johnson, a Milwaukee artist, says she was inspired to create the piece, which is appropriately entitled “Eggs Benedict,” after hearing the former Pope give a speech regarding AIDS in Africa in 2009. At that time, the artist perceived that he was denouncing the use of condoms. Of course, since then, the hot topic of condoms in the Vatican has been rethought and a new view on condoms had formed. Who knows, maybe this in-your-face art piece helped to create a new worldwide perspective on the benefits of condom usage.

Condom Design Contests

Kenyan artist and contest winner Michael Soi has been making headlines recently with his new vividly colored condom wrapper designs. A contest was held for local artists to create a new inspirational design for condoms and Soi's signature pop art packaging has been widely and positively received by locals and international art and condom fans alike.

In an effort to get the younger generation to buy condoms without embarrassment or shame, these beautiful condom wrapper designs boast modern symbols, like the Kenyan beer Tusker. These images are relevant to the Kenyan youths who are growing up in one of the most densely packed HIV populations in the world.

Even condom dispensers are getting an artistic makeover, thanks to folks from the Art + Design Department at Columbia College Chicago. Students are being encouraged to participate on the dispensers design and the contest winner will have their design turned into a reality.

If you have the hankering to submit your own original condom wrapper designs, Condom Depot allows you to design your own custom label designs for condoms. Imagine the possibilities! You dream it, we make it. Promote your new band or business or hand them out at prom, homecoming or for a special party. Just follow this link for all the details on how to design your own custom condom label.

My Bed

British artist Tracey Emin created "My Bed" as an installation art piece in the late 1990's. Designed to accurately portray her sanctuary from depression, her bed, the mixed media installation was a messy disarray of condoms, condom wrappers, period blood soaked undergarments and soiled bedsheets. Too bad she missed out on our article about "Removing Lube Stains."

A second wave of art emerged from this inanimate installation, when 2 performance artists jumped onto My Bed and began having a shirtless pillow fight. They called this performance "Two Naked Men Jump Into Tracey's Bed." Despite its somewhat unconventional appearance, My Bed sold for $208,890.00 at the current euro/dollar exchange rate and was somewhat controversially on display at the County Hall in London until its closure. The piece now resides in a private collection.

Oil Painting

Condoms have been found as a subject of art throughout history, even as far back as the days of cave paintings. In Johan Zoffany’s classic "Self-Portrait," which is currently being displayed at the Galleria Nazionale di Parma, a couple of air drying condoms are hanging by the artist's desk. They are difficult to notice at first, as a human skull near them catches the eye, but upon closer inspection, there they are.

Considering the time in which this piece was created, 1779, these are likely to be animal membrane condoms which were very expensive and were cleaned and reused, unlike the affordable and disposable we have condoms today. The closest thing we have to these condoms are the Trojan NaturaLamb, which protect against pregnancy but not STDs. And remember, you can use oil paint to depict a condom, but don’t use oil to lubricate a latex condom.

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