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Condom Manufacturers vs. Condom Distributors

Condom Manufacturers vs. Condom Distributors

4 minute read

Q: What’s the difference between a condom manufacturer and a condom distributor?

A: Here at the Condom Depot Learning Center, we get daily calls and social media messages from people who are confused about the difference between a condom distributor and a condom manufacturer. For those who need a little clarification, let’s break it down the difference between the two, nice and simple-like.

Condom Manufacturers

Condom manufacturers are generally very large parent companies who physically make and produce millions of condoms in factories, which are generally located overseas. Oftentimes, they also produce other products as well, like vibrating rings or personal lubricants. Here is a list of all of the major condom manufacturers that we buy from:

Church & Dwight

Church & Dwight makes Trojan brand products such as the Trojan Magnum XL, the Trojan Hot Spot vibrating ring and Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra condoms. They also manufacture First Response pregnancy tests and Nair. To contact this manufacturer directly, please call their New Jersey headquarters at 1-800-833-9532.


The Ansell corporation makes LifeStyles brand products, like the LifeStyles Snugger Fit condom, the LifeStyles Vibrating Ring and textured condoms such as Contempo condoms and medical grade gloves. To contact this manufacturer, please email them directly at [email protected].

Line One Labs

Line One Labs manufactures Trustex, Fantasy, and Rain brand lubricants. They’re responsible for such great products such as Trustex Non-Lubricated condoms, and Fantasy Flavored condoms. To contact this manufacturer directly, please call them at 1-800-222-9848.


The Okamoto corporation makes Okamoto condoms, Kimono condoms, Beyond Seven condoms and the world famous Crown Skinless Skin condoms. To contact this manufacturer please visit their Okamoto USA website or call their stateside office in Ohio at 1-419-626-1633.


The world’s oldest condom manufacturer is Durex. They manufacture the Durex XXL condom, the Durex Ring of Bliss vibrating ring, the Durex Extra Sensitive condom and so many other fantastic condoms and toys. To contact this manufacturer directly via mail: Durex Consumer Relations

PO Box 224
Parsippany NJ 07054-0224

Caution Wear

The Caution Wear company manufacturers Caution Wear condoms, and nothing else. They're the ones to thank for making the Iron Grip condom and the Grande condom, among others. To contact this manufacturer directly, please call their New Hampshire office at 1-800-481-5077.

Condom Distributors

Condom distributors supply these factory-made condoms to wholesale businesses, non-profit organizations and retail customers, like you. This is what we are. At Condom Depot we are a distributor of these safer sex products, not a manufacturer of them. Instead of factories which are producing condoms and toys, we have warehouses full of items made in said factories.

Distributors are the middle men in the grand economic chain of events. We order our products directly from the manufacturers' factories and offer them for sale to others. Since we order directly from the factories themselves, in bulk, we receive a much better price on them, which we can pass along to you, our valued customers. This is especially true when it comes to buying loose condoms in bulk.

We are compassionate folks over here, and we always feel bad for people who have used a product that they were not happy with. However, since Condom Depot doesn't actually make any of our own products, it can be difficult to help customers who have a serious medical complaint regarding a product they purchased from us.

As stated in our return policy, under certain conditions we can replace the product, refund money or issue store credit, but in the case of something like a burning sensation from a Trojan Fire & Ice condom, all we can do is inform the customer of any potential hazards. For this reason, we created our learning center-- to keep you up to date on all condom news. In the event of a health concern, all medical complaints needs to be discussed with a healthcare practitioner, with the manufacturer themselves, and the FDA takes direct complaints about health products as well.

The most common complaint we received regards broken condoms. Please buy the right-sized condom, use an additional condom safe lubricant and store them properly to avoid this happening to you and your partner. For more important information on this subject please read 'Why Do Condoms Break?'

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