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Q: Condom is too long, but it's the right girth? Is that OK?

Q: Condom is too long, but it's the right girth? Is that OK?

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Q: I am confused about my size and best fit. I am 160mm long and 130mm circumference when fully erect. I bought Trojan Bare Skin and I love the sensitivity but it only rolls down half way. Is there a better choice for me?

A: Hello there! Thanks for inquiring through our Ask a Safer Sexpert form! This is a very good question.

Condom size and penis size are sadly not the same in most cases. This is due to the fact that the shortest length approvable by the FDA is much longer than than the average penis length. The biggest concern with condom fit or size is the girth (a.k.a. circumference) measurement. As long as the girth fits you (no slipping off or strangulation) you are using the right condom size for you.

If the extra material bothers you by bunching up or creating a long latex leftovers at the end, this can be helped. After pinching the tip and rolling the condom all the way down, you can use an erection ring or vibrating ring on top of the condom to secure the bagginess near the base. If you want to try vibration, for your girth I'd recommend a Vibrating Johnny or a Trojan Hot Spot. If you prefer a simpler ring, our Erection Ring Set of Three is made from black rubber with nothing fancy going on.

Otherwise, you can always try a non-latex FC2 condom (which is our staff's all-time favorite condom) which is inserted into the vagina or anus of the receiving partner. You wouldn't have to wear a condom at all. It protects against STIs and unwanted pregnancy and is a great solution for those who find male condoms to be uncomfortable because of condom size issues.

Here are some helpful links which may come in handy in the future:

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Best of luck, stay safe and have fun!

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