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Condom Depot's Five Most Romantic Condoms

Condom Depot's Five Most Romantic Condoms

3 minute read

Now, when you think about condoms, romance probably isn't at the top of the list. But last week, during Sex Talk Tuesday, we asked our contributors what could be done to make condoms sexier – thereby encouraging their use as a normal part of sexual activity.

One of our contributors (@dirtylola) had this wisdom to offer:

So, in honor of her beautiful response, we put together our five most romantic condoms for this Valentine’s Day. Check it out and share some of your experiences with them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Durex Performax Intense Condoms

5. Durex Performax Intense:
Durex wins the award for most romantic climax control condoms for introducing a very simple concept: instead of using the same lubricant on the whole condom, why not use the climax control lube just on the inside and a normal lube on the outside? Thanks for thinking of the folks who want that extra pleasure from their dudes without having their own junk numbed, Durex.

Beyond Seven Studded Condoms4. Beyond Seven Studded:
Another contender from our World’s Best Condom Sampler Jar, these condoms aren’t just super thin-- they also have dots! The condom itself is thin enough that you won’t feel like it’s on, but the dots are still strong enough to get the job done right.

Lifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club Condom3. Lifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club:
Add a little flavor in the bedroom without compromising pleasure or protection! The Lifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club collection is by far one of the tastiest, flavored condoms the Condom Depot staff has ever sampled (and yes, we did do a taste test). Featuring three delectable flavors: Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise and Passion Daiquiri. 

Trojan Naturalamb Condoms2. Trojan's NaturaLamb
Ok, maybe I’m going crazy about these because my boyfriend and I recently tried them and fell IN LOVE (with the condoms. We were already in love with each other). Not only do they transmit heat really well, they’re also soft and more skin-like than latex, so they feel much more natural for both partners. Just be warned-- lambskin condoms do NOT prevent the transmission of STDs!

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

1. Crown Skinless Skin
Our most romantic condom for this Valentine’s Day was picked, in part, by you! Year after year, Crown Skinless Skin is always picked by our customers as their favorite condom. It’s also the condom that adult stars favor! While that may not seem super romantic, all customers regardless of gender or parts love these thin rubbers because they transfer heat really well and are thin enough to feel like there’s no barrier at all.

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