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How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

5 minute read

Here at the Condom Depot we get asked a whole lot of reader questions, but one keeps popping up again and again-- how old do you have to be to buy condoms? Are there any age restrictions for buying condoms?

We’ve covered age in regards to verifying age of consent prior to hook ups, we’ve explored dating someone of a different age and we’ve uncovered the real truth about age minimums for purchasing emergency contraceptives, but what about the youths of America who just want to purchase a three pack of LifeStyles brand condoms?

The simple fact is, not everyone waits to be a registered voter before they chose to lose their virginity, and this is an issue which needs to be addressed, because sex-- especially teen sex-- should be fully protected. We acknowledge this fact of life and while we don’t condone rushing into anything, we are all about staying safer if you do.

Despite our sex positive attitude which totes, “Condoms for everyone!” there is quite a bit of controversy and surprise when older folks suddenly discover their young'uns are gettin’ it on through their next credit card statement. We’ve even had instances where kids used their parents' credit card to purchase condoms from Condom Depot without the express permission of the cardholder.

Technically, this is both illegal and fraudulent and if the parent wanted to press charges, would be certainly considered at least a misdemeanor level of theft. Plus, it’s just rude to put your parents through that. Have a little respect. Stealing is never the right way to get condoms.

If you’re underage and can’t comfortably talk to your parents or another trustworthy adult about buying condoms for you, but you want to be safe from STIs and unintended pregnancy by using condoms (props to you!), you’ll soon find yourself asking, “How old do I have to be to buy condoms, anyways?”

Condom Age Resrtrictions

Here is the deal-- condoms are not labeled as a medical device. They are heavily regulated by the FDA for safety and durability, sure. But, condoms are classified as health/beauty items, at least here in the United States. So what does that mean, exactly? It means that, by the books, condoms are legal to purchase at any given age just like other health/beauty products like cotton balls or lotion.

And, the same goes for lube. You hear that, masturbation-loving teens? It’s time to quit strokin’ it in the shower with shampoo, or going at it dry and developing a death grip callus, and risking injury from lube-less anal insertion and buy some darn lube already. It’s way less embarrassing to buy than, say, the hemorrhoid cream you’ll need after your non-lubed anal entry.

As far as ordering condoms online from Condom Depot when under the age of 18 (the age in which you can own your own credit card), I suggest using a prepaid Visa card, personal debit card, or placing an order by selecting pay with money order at checkout.

To purchase condoms with a prepaid Visa card, simply place the order online and enter in the prepaid card number when prompted. Done.

If you’re young yet already a penny pinching miser like I was, you may even have your own debit card to use from age 13, which is directly connected to your personal checking account. In that case, you would just purchase these condoms like any other thing you'd buy on the internet.

To pay by money order, first you must place an order online. Get an exact dollar amount and our address. Then head on down to your local bank with your babysitting money, get a money order, send it in to us and you’ll get your condoms in a plain white or brown box or envelope with our parent company name as a return address, which is Go Live Inc.

Another viable option is to find the local free health clinic (usually run by the county) or Planned Parenthood and just pop in during business hours for a bag full of free condoms. I took this route as a teen and have never looked at brown paper lunch sacks the same way since. Be careful though, as these condoms are not of the highest echelon and can break if additional condom-safe lubricant isn’t added prior to intercourse.

Additionally, be aware that sometimes it can be difficult to find snugger fit, magnum sizes and non-latex condoms through this method. Be sure to ask the clinic if you need a special condom size or condom material.

And remember, those free or legally purchased condoms need to be on for oral too, folks, no matter whether you're giving and receiving. Throat cancer and other oral STIs are no joke. Likewise, condoms can easily be turned into dental dams for protection for both of you during cunnilingus and/or anilingus (a.k.a. eating out and/or rim jobs).

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