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5 Best Condoms for Large Penises

5 Best Condoms for Large Penises

5 minute read

If you're expecting Magnum XLs and other Trojan Magnum varieties to dominate this list of the five best condoms for large penises, surprise! Guess what? None of them made the cut!

Why? Because they are not our largest-sized condoms. That's right. One of the biggest misconceptions in condom sizing is brought to you by Trojan.

Way to go, Trojan. We're all very impressed with your misinformation and marketing ploys.

If you'd like to feel like you have a large penis, go ahead and buy some Trojan Magnums. But, if you really do have a large penis, steer clear of these and go for one of the amazing and sizable condoms listed below instead. Not only will they be more comfy, but wearing the right size will make sex safer for everyone involved, by reducing the chance of breakage and skin-to-skin contact.

Not sure what condom size will be best for your or your partner’s large penis? Here’s an informative article on measuring penises to find their perfect condom size. For a full breakdown of all of our FDA approved condom size stats, in inches and millimeters, check out our Condom Size Chart. It’s arranged from shortest to longest length, just like this article is, so keep on scrolling down, well hung lads.

If it's impossible to get an accurate measurement for some reason, don't give up hope. Consider trying the Big Guns Condom Sampler in order to experiment with different brands so you can figure out what works best for you. After all, experimenting is half the fun!

5. LifeStyles SKYN Large

Guess what? Big dicks and non-latex condoms do mix. A much larger version of the original LifeStyles SKYN condom, the Large size can accommodate an ample gentleman with no problem. Plus, since it’s made from polyisoprene, it’s ultra soft, smooth, stretchy and doesn’t have the telltale crinkle sounds of other non-latex materials. With a generous size of 8.62” long x 4” circumference, you’ll feel both Large and in charge with these high quality condoms.

4. FC2 and Trojan NaturaLamb

When the main issue you have with finding the right condom size is girth or width-- the Trojan NaturaLamb might be your answer. In a perfect world, these girthy condoms would also be available in a longer length, but such is life. But, coincidentally, both of these expansive condoms are non-latex, which is great news for anyone who is allergic to latex.


Trojan NaturaLambs are 7.37” long x 5” circumference which is great for those who have a shorter, wider penis-- like a soda can. But, bear in mind that these condoms do not protect against any STDs. They only protect against unwanted pregnancy. And, if you or your partner is a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll want to steer clear of this natural animal membrane.

3. Trustex Extra Large

Although the Trustex brand is most well known for their flavored lubes and flavored condoms for safer oral sex this traditional latex condom, the Trustex Extra Large, is pretty freakin’ sweet, despite being unflavored. Measuring in at a whopping 8.62” long x 4.24” circumference, this is one of our largest condoms. It's also extremely reasonably priced with options for around a quarter a pop. So, don't use size and money as an excuse not to wrap it up. Clearly, the Trustex Extra Large has you covered on both fronts.

2. Caution Wear Grande

One of my personal favorite brands, Caution Wear came out with the 8.8” long x 4.24” circumference Grande and I couldn’t be happier with it. Don’t believe me? Just check out my rave review. The Grande feels much thinner and allows much more heat transfer than other condoms, all while staying nicely lubed up with my favorite type of lube- silicone-based. They are also super transparent, which allows both partners to feel like they’re goin’ at it raw dog, without any of the risks.

1. Durex XXL


Your long search for a perfect and ginormous condom is finally over. I am pleased to announce that Condom Depot’s absolute biggest condom is the Durex XXL. At a whopping 9.25” long x 4.42” circumference, these condoms are way beyond the above average range in both size and quality. For a second opinion, check out fellow writer Sam’s review of the Durex XXL.

Durex is the number one selling brand in every country except America, and has been making condoms since 1929, and it’s for a very good reason. Durex brand condoms are known worldwide for their comfort and reliability. I know from experience that these condoms can take a beating and still stay strong.


I do recommend adding a little bit of extra lube though, because let’s face it-- if a XXL size is needed, your partner is going to need some extra help in the moisture department in order to be able to fit you in without tearing. My favorite lube to pair with the Durex XXL? It’s got to be the glorious Pjur Light Love BodyGlide.

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