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How Much Lube Is Too Much Lube?

How Much Lube Is Too Much Lube?

2 minute read

"How Much Lube is Too Much Lube?" To answer this Condom Depot made a helpful video to demonstrate the benefits of using some extra lube when having sex with a condom.

Lubricants & Condoms

How much lube is too much lube? CondomDepot.com learning Center

The #1 reason for condom failure, is lack or absence of good lubrication.  Using a quality lube, will without a doubt accentuate your experience when paired with condoms and overall will make you and your partner feel more comfortable while doing the deed.  While shopping we strongly encourage steering away from all lube that contains oil.  Products such as Baby Oil, Petroleum Jelly (AKA Vaseline), and Massage Oils will damage Latex condoms and products. We have more info on oil based lubricants here: Can I Use Coconut Oil as Lube?  Condom Depot suggests quality lubes by System Jo or Pjur.  The Number one Rated Favorites are Pjur Original Body Glide (Waterproof & Silicone Based) and Jo H2O Lubricant (Water Based), which both have received critical acclaim throughout the media.

Learn more about different kinds of lubricants from our personal lubricant buying guide. We break down the different types of lube (and there are more than just water based and silicone based). For even more info on personal lubricants and what they are made of, you can check out What's in My Lube? for a breakdown of the most commonly used ingredients in personal lubricant so you can be informed and stay body safe when picking out your next bottle of lube.  If you want to go the all natural route, we even have a recipe to make your own lubricant at home: DIY Lube: How-To Make Your Own Homemade Lube

Below is a CondomDepot.TV video to explain when and why to apply lube, even when wearing condoms. Plus you can see one of our favorite staff members get drenched in the slippery stuff. 

If there's any information on lube you're still looking for, email us your questions at [email protected]

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