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Q: What is sex flush?

Q: What is sex flush?

4 minute read

One part of the human sexual response cycle is called sex flush. Noticing the color of your partner’s skin before, during and after sex is the best way to know if they get sex flush or not. So what is sex flush and how can you spot it?

If they reach an orgasm and their skin suddenly becomes pink, red, splotchy and extremely sweaty, try not to freak out and think they are sick , dying or out of shape. In reality, there is nothing wrong with them. This is simply sex flush.

This drastic change in skin appearance is a normal response to vasocongestion. Vasocongestion is the scientific term for an increase in blood pressure and the swelling of bodily tissues due to an increased blood flow. Vasocongestion occurs during erections, nipple hardening, clitoral swelling and during sex flush.

Who is Prone to Sex Flush?

Splotchy skin | What is sex flush? | Condom Depot Learning Center

Sex flush occurs more often in women than it does in men. Statistics indicate that up to 75% of women experience sex flush on occasion and it occurs in approximately 25% of men. Women typically get sex flush around the breasts, arms and face. Men tend to experience redness on their neck, forehead and back.

People who tend to get red in the face while angry, distressed or embarrassed or people who become splotchy while drinking alcohol will also most likely get sex flush. So, if you’re dating someone new and you notice their tendency to become red during other activities, don’t be surprised if they get sex flush too.

Sweating it Out

Sweating | What is sex flush? | Condom Depot Learning Center

The extremes of sex flush can vary greatly based on the temperature of the environment or of the room in which sex has taken place. For people who get sex flush, it is best to avoid any additional warming lubricants, toys or condoms. Instead, cooling products such as this great cooling lubricant by System Jo called Jo H20 Cooling can help bring temperatures down before the sex flush gets out of hand. And it's water based so it's great for sensitive skin and silicone allergies. 

Mint condoms and lubricants are also very helpful in fighting against the overheating sensations of sex flush. Not only do they help cool the body down, they produce a tingling like feeling which is pleasant and they have a nice odor and flavor too! LifeStyles Ribbed condoms, Trustex Mint Flavored Condoms condoms and ID Pleasure Lubricant with a light minty flavor can all help combat the radiant heat of sex flush.

Turning down the air conditioner is helpful in the fight against sex flush, as are cotton sheets (as opposed to flannel or satin). Another helpful tip is to keep individual packs of Trustex Mint Flavored Lubricant and/or a glass toy in the fridge during the summer months. Metal toys are also great ways to cool down, while still keeping sexy time alive. Don’t worry. Even if they seem shockingly cold at first, if you or your partner truly gets sex flush, these toys and lubes will be heated up in no time.

Sex Flush Forever?

Although it can feel like it lasts forever, if you and/or your partner gets sex flush, don’t overreact. It’s not a rash or a freakish latent sunburn from being exposed to the light of 1000 suns. It will go away in time. Rotating fans, cold water, ice and rest promote the disappearance of sex flush, but it can take a little while.

Generally symptoms fade in the opposite order from which they arrived. So, if sweating predated the sex flush, this will end before the redness disappears. Don’t get anxious if sex flush takes up to 2 hours to disappear. This is normal and there is nothing to be concerned about.

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