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Q: What and where is the G-Spot?

Q: What and where is the G-Spot?

4 minute read

Q: Where and what is the G-Spot? Is it even real?

A: Well, if this question doesn’t pop up on our feed every single day! Many sex researchers claim that the G-Spot isn’t even a real thing, but I guess it has to be, uh, experienced to be believed.

What Is It the G-Spot?

The G in G-spot comes from Gräfenberg spot. It was named after a 1940’s physician from Germany who theorized that women had something similar to the prostate in men that could be used to reach ejaculation, although it wasn’t named until the 1980s.

One theory as to why it’s so elusive? Apparently the mystical spot can only be summoned when a woman is aroused. It can be hard for many women to be aroused during scientific studies, and cadavers are generally not in a state of continuous arousal, so it’s no wonder it took so long for doctors to find it. It is kind of astonishing how little is known about female sexuality, isn’t it?

Where is the G Spot

Another theory is that it’s not really a spot. It’s a zone capable of quite a bit of pleasure, if done right. The spot that most people associate with the G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, and when it’s stimulated, it gives off a unique pressure to certain structures within the body, making it feel very pleasurable-- including part of the clitoris.

We mentioned in our Get To Know Your Ladybits article that the clitoris is actually much larger than people realize, and much of it stretches throughout the body, wrapping around the vagina, like a nice, friendly octopus monster. So is it possible that there is no real, magical G-spot and that stroking this zone is just giving your clitoris a much deeper massage? Could be.

How To Find And Stimulate the G-Spot

Where is the G Spot | Condom Depot.com Learning Center

Research is ongoing about the true nature of the G-Spot, but for now, there’s just one thing we know-- cool stuff happens when you touch it.

If you want to drive your partner wild, here's what you need to know:

  • The area you want to aim for is towards the top of the vaginal canal, meaning that if you were going to map it out, it would be just below your belly.
  • It's easier to find when they're already aroused. So pair your exploration with a little bit of clitoral stimulation or oral and it'll be easier to find. You can do this by putting your hands facing upwards, rubbing their clitoris with your thumb, and using your index finger to search for the spot.
  • Using your fingers, feel for a spot that feels like the top of a walnut-- a little rough. Most believers believe that is the legendary spot. If you can't find it, hey, just keep poking around in that area. Chances are, it still feels pretty good for her.
  • If your hands are tired, there are plenty of other ways you can stimulate your partner's G-spot. Many G-Spot vibrators come with curves in them-- that are perfect for hitting the G-Spot.  Just turn the toy so that the curve is facing up towards her belly.
  • And for those of you out there with a curved penis-- now is your time to shine. Have them do either Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl position, depending on which way you curve, and they'll be pretty thankful she's made the curve.
  • If that's not enough, Doggy Style is one of the best positions for getting in at that G-Spot. During Doggy Style, the penis hits the anterior wall of the vagina, creating a pretty freaking sweet sensation. It may feel unusual or too intense the first few times you do it, but it's worth it.

So, whether or not the G-Spot is real, or whether it's really a spot or a zone, or whether it's just an extended part of your clitoris, let's all agree on one thing: itcan be awesome.

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