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Condom Review: Trojan Magnum Ribbed

Condom Review: Trojan Magnum Ribbed

3 minute read

The Trojan Magnum Ribbed condom is another innovation in the ever increasing Trojan Magnum line is just what I and many, many others have been waiting for.

Interestingly enough, it was just last month when I was bombarded by questions from a male friend about the severe lack of ribs in the Magnum product range, “Are they ever going to come out with a ribbed Magnum? I’m so tired of using the same boring Magnums all the time.”

And then, poof, here it is! A ribbed magnum that is ready and ripe for the picking. And, these aren’t just any ol' ribs- these suckers are spiraled ribs. “What?” you say, “It has spiraling ribs?” Yes. Yes, it does. "What sets these ribs apart from the competition?" you ask. These diagonal spiraling ribs aren’t as systematically and horizontally linear as other ribbed condoms like the Caution Wear Wild Rose.

Other ribbed condoms on the market, appear to have been designed by a machine, rather than a human. The result is a somewhat unnatural corduroy latex sensation. Conversely, the strategically placed spiraling ribs on this brand new Magnum work with the curves and contours of the body, rather than against it. And, it feels fantastic.

Not only does this condom offer length, at 8.125” long-- it is much larger than average in the girth department as well. In fact, the Magnum Ribbed has the same base size measurement as the Magnum XL, 2.25.” Even more room is available near the head of the condom, which expands gradually from the base size to a whopping 2.375.” And, unlike some of Trojan’s other new condoms with extra headroom, this one has a reservoir tip for added safety.

Like the other Magnums, this condom is made from a high quality latex and has what feels like a water-based lubricant, although the official Trojan site does not specify if it is actually a hybrid lube or not. That being said, additional water-based lube like Probe Light definitely heightens the experience and makes for a more frictionless rib ride.

However, I would not recommend this condom for oral sex, because one of the sets of ribs is located right around the head of the condom. This could be too much texture for an oral adventure. In the same vein, this condom follows the tradition of powerfully latex scented Trojans, so this is an additional reason why having one near the mouth/nose could be somewhat of a turn off.

Final Verdict:

If you love Magnums, but wish they had ribs, don’t go on a downward spiral. Just get yourself a big box of Magnum Ribbed. The spiral ribbing and generous proportions make for a comfortable and pleasurable-sensation-filled sowing of your wild oats. 

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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