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Condom Review: Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations

Condom Review: Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations

3 minute read

How do Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations condoms measure up to the stiff competition? They rose up to the challenge so well, I’m naming them MVP of last night’s astounding, safer sexcapades.

Being privy to a plethora of pleasing prophylactics, I’m not typically a fangirl who enthusiastically emits a shrill and enthusiastic, “Squee!” when it comes time to try yet another new Trojan brand condom. But, with Trojan Her Pleasure condoms, the pleasure was indeed sensational.

Not to be confused with Her Pleasure Armor Sensations which contains a harsh spermicide as explained in, “Trojan Condom Lingo,” nor with the similarly named and packaged Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy condoms-- Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations condoms truly do feel phenomenal, for everyone involved.

You may have tried a few of these purple-wrappered, latex condoms peppered throughout our exclusive Condom Depot Trojan Sampler or if you ever picked up a Trojan Pleasure Pack. If you want to try just one, add this Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations condom to your cart for only $1.49

Size-wise, Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations condoms are 8.25” x 4.24” or 209.55mm x 107.96mm. This makes them a large-sized condom, equivalent to Magnum condoms. Unlike traditional Magnum condoms though, this one is loaded with ribs for the receiver.

The condom has a contoured, light-bulb shape. This ample headroom is made possible by the flared shape of the condom, making this condom super sweet for uncircumcised guys, and for those who have a bulbous tip that likes a little breathing room during penetration.

Like other Trojan brand condoms, yes, it does taste like a bald, blown-out, scrap of an old semi-truck tire and a discarded Band Aid banged it out and delivered their a rubbery dumpster baby right into my mouth. Oh, and it smelled like that too.

But, water-based lubricated, Her Pleasure Sensations condoms are easier to apply than the thicker, darker colored latex like that found in Trojan Magnum XLs. It felt like this extra thinness and stretchiness allowed for more comfort and naturalness, even in the throes of a mighty banging session.

Although my male partner mentioned it seemed just a hair thicker than a Trojan Magnum Thin, we both found these ribbed, bigger-sized condoms to be more sensitive and thin than Trojan Magnum Ribbed condoms.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations condoms really know how to ream, make us scream and then take one for the team. Cream!

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars "These are brilliant! They are all my man and I buy. Got some in a sampler and are never going back. Hands down my favorite!" Amanda - Seattle, WA

4 Stars "One of the best condoms my husband and I have ever used. I know the name is "her pleasure", but honestly, we both loved it!" Adrianna - Morehead, KY

4 Stars "Felt really good to both of us but they stink." Marilu - Raleigh, NC

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