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Our Top Ten Water-Lubricated Condoms

Our Top Ten Water-Lubricated Condoms

2 minute read

Splish splash! If you love the cool, refreshing feel of water-based lubes, you have plenty of condom options!

Water-based lubes have a lot of fans in the toy community, since they are compatible with all toys, no matter what material they're made out of. They're also much easier to clean up, making them a boon when you're in the mood to get sloppy.

Some water-based lubes come with aloe in their lube. The aloe acts as a soothing agent, which can be a plus during anal sex if you find it to be a little uncomfortable but still want to proceed. Aloe isn’t harmful to the vaginal flora, which makes it a great additive to water-based lubes.

Many condoms come with water-based lube already on them. In fact, for many years until the safety of silicone-based lubes was discovered, this was the norm. Unfortunately many people have allergic reactions to some of the ingredients in water-based lubricants, so many misdiagnosed themselves with having a latex allergy, thinking that it was the condom itself that was irritating them.

Additionally, water-based lubes tend to dry up far more quickly than silicone-based lubes. So if lubrication is an issue, make sure you have more of your favorite water-based lubes on hand, like WET Ecstasy Water-Based. Check out our Personal Lubricant Guide to learn more about water-based lubes.

It can be confusing to know what type of lube your favorite condom has on it. Fortunately, after reaching out to some of our favorite manufacturers, we were able to deduce which of our personal favorites are refreshingly lubricated with a water base. We tried to provide a wide range of condoms in this guide, including textured and non-latex condoms as well as condoms of many different sizes, to make sure that all water-loving fiends out there have a wide-range of condoms available to them.

See our companion guide, 'Our Top Ten Silicone-Lubricated Condoms,' for more choices!

10. Trojan Ultra-Ribbed

9. Trojan Magnum Thin

8. Okamoto 004 with Aloe

7. Durex Real Feel

6. Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra

5. Okamoto 004

4. Kimono Micro Thin With Aqua Lube 

3. Durex Extra Sensitive

2. Trojan NaturaLamb

1. Beyond Seven Aloe

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