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Top 10 Alternative Uses for Lube

Top 10 Alternative Uses for Lube

5 minute read

We all know how fantastic lubricants feel during sex and masturbation. But, were you aware that there are many non-sexual and alternative uses for lube in your daily life?

Here are the top ten reasons why having extra lube around the house never hurts!

Alternate Uses for Lube:

10. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Cener

Got a big date at the beach or presentation at work and you’re fresh out of shaving cream? No worries! Head on over to your naughty drawer and lather up with lube, like Probe Thick & Rich instead! Lube has moisturizing and skin protecting qualities, just like traditional shaving creams and gels. It’ll give you a close shave with no nicks, just in time for you to dress to impress your date or coworkers with your smooth hairless facade or bikini line.

9. Removing a Stuck Ring

Finger size ebbs and flows, and anyone who knows the frustration and discomfort of having a too tight ring stuck on your finger will be happy to learn that lube can easily save your finger and your ring, without a trip to the doctor or the tool shed. Simply slather up the area all around the ring, work the lube under the ring and give it a quick yank. Ta da!

8. Massage

Massage gel | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

While oil is what people traditionally think of when getting or giving a massage, lube can be just as pleasurable and effective for massage. Durex Massage & Play Lube is a favorite choice for massage therapists as it provides a thinner coating than oil which allows for superior control for the depth of the massage, like deep tissue massage. Plus, since it’s lube, it’s nice to have the option to jump into the sack with your partner without having to scrub off condom damaging oil before sex.

7. Stretching Piercings

Stretching Piercings | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

We’ve already covered body piercings and staying safer during sex, but did you know that lube is used in the creation of these bod mods? Water-based lubes like Jo Agape Water Based Lube are frequently used in piercing and tattoo studios by artists as a way to reduce needle friction. Lube is also the ideal way to stretch a piercing, like stretching earlobes, because it reduces the likelihood of micro-tears in the skin.

6. Hair Gel

Silicone-based lubes like Pjur Original Bodyglide contain dimethicone, which is a primary ingredient in many popular and pricey name brand hair glossing treatments and styling products. Curly haired people in particular can greatly benefit from a small amount of this shine enhancing and frizz reducing product, especially in very humid or cold environments.

5. Patent Leather Polish

Leather Polish | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

Were you planning on wearing those sexy new patent leather shoes or that stunning patent belt today, only to find that they are all scuffed up? There’s no need to replan your entire outfit. Get your Sliquid Silver lubeout and get to scrubbing. I find that a Q-tip or a soft washcloth works very well for this task. The lube will buff the scuffs right out and will add even more shine to your already brilliant attire.

4. Makeup

Makeup remover | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

Waking up the morning after a romp at a hotel or at a partners house can mean being stuck somewhere without a makeup kit. When you look in the mirror and there is mascara all over your face you have dry, cracked lips- never fear. Lube is here! Take the lube and use to remove your non-waterproof mascara. Then, dab a bit of lube on your lips as a makeshift lip gloss. Now you’re good to go!

3. Doorknob Prank

Your knob ain't the only knob that could use a lil’ bit o’ lube. You pranksters already know what I’m sayin’. It’s a classic. If you’ve never pulled the whole lube up the doorknobs and watch the ensuing hilarity, it is time to bust out your lube, grease up your doorknobs and watch the show. Silicone-based lubes like ONE Move Lubricantwork the best, since they won't dry out over time. Great prank for parties!

2. Removing Adhesive Residue

Remove band aid | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

Pick, pick, pick. If this is how you spend your time after buying a new item, only to remove half of the price tag, leaving a sticky, gooey mess behind-- try using a silicone-based lube like the Pjur Woman Bodyglide in the area for the ultimate in adhesive removal. This also works very well on bandages and Band Aid residue.

1. Special Effects

Special Effects | Alternative uses for lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

Lube has played an important role in stage and movie special effects, specifically in sci fi and horror films. Most famously used in the 1980’s film Predator, KY Jelly was mixed with the illuminated innards of glow sticks to create a phosphorescent alien-blood effect.

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