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The Essential Foreskin Guide

The Essential Foreskin Guide

5 minute read

A helpful guide on foreskin.

What's Foreskin?

Foreskin is a double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis and protects the urinary meatus (when the penis is not erect). The foreskin is typically retractable over the penis, is fairly stretchable and acts as a natural lubricant.  

Foreskin Benefits:

There are many benefits to being uncircumcised for both the man and the woman. Speaking from experience with foreskin, I have personally felt more sensation while having sex, and from the man’s perspective, he does as well, both during foreplay and sexual intercourse. When the foreskin is removed during circumcision, many of the nerve endings are taken with it, causing a noticeable difference in size, as well as removal of those feel good nerve endings that will stimulate the penis from the head through the shaft.

What’s with Removing the Foreskin?:

So you are probably wondering why is it a common medical practice to circumcise the penis if it helps protect it and provide extra feeling and pleasure? One of the biggest reasons is that removal of this extra skin keeps the penis cleaner and reduces the chance of transmitting HIV/Aids and other STDs. It is pretty common place to circumcise in the United States and in the Muslim culture, particularly Israel, where it is nearly universal. Also it is common in parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, but still is relatively rare in European countries, as well as most of Latin America, Asia, and parts of Southern Africa.

How to Deal with Foreskin:


DO NOT SPRAY Cologne on the foreskin. Roll it back so it completely retracts daily to clean out anything that may have collected over the course of the day, otherwise known as cheese. Give it a nice wash in warm soapy water and dry it completely when you get out of the shower or bath. Wash and dry after every sexual encounter. Drying it is super important, as you do not want to have a damp penis that is a breeding ground for germs underneath the foreskin.


If you notice that condoms are harder to keep on, try putting on the condom with the foreskin retracted and penis completely extended, and see what works better. If neither fairs well, try the female condom, (FC2). For a complete list of the condoms with extra headroom to accommodate foreskin, and other helpful hints regarding foreskin and safe sex, read Condoms and Uncircumcised Penises.

3.    DURING FOREPLAY (Hand Jobs/Oral Sex)

The penis is extra sensitive to touch, so touch it lightly, as the foreskin provides way more sensation than those who have had it removed.  Your hand will glide better versus how it would with a circumcised penis, making the job easier.

When you are ready to move on to oral, start by first licking just inside the foreskin around the head and then gently retract it with your hand and circle the head again with your tongue. Use your hand to gently guide the foreskin up and down with minimal pressure with your hand as you lick the shaft and head. Move your mouth and tongue up and down all sides of the shaft while the foreskin is retracted, and come back to the head for more head play. Let the foreskin glide up and down with your hand while you suck the head of his penis, creating that back and forth motion.

** Variation is vital to achieve orgasm during any sexual act, so communication is key, as everyone is different. Varying pressure and not sticking to one area during the whole act and it will be sure to excite your partner. **

Don’t neglect other parts of him while performing oral sex. Tickling or licking the scrotum while handling his member with your hand is key. Also the perineum area between the base of the penis and scrotum, as well as the area between the base of scrotum and sphincter, are extra sensitive pleasure zones for all men and should not be ignored, as they will be sure to add extra sensation.

Gently touching or licking these areas while you are stimulating his shaft/head with your hands, will be sure to send him into an orgasmic spiral in between licking and sucking the shaft and head. Gently applying pressure with a finger or two or your tongue, circling the “taint” while you are sucking and stroking him, when he is about to reach orgasm will intensify his orgasm. If he is into anal play, slowly move your finger or tongue from the taint to his sphincter, allowing your finger to be sucked in by it naturally unless he is an anal aficionado, ready for entry (don’t forget to apply lube for this, as it is essential for comfortable entry).


Most partners say that penetration is more enjoyable and easier for the same reason that hand jobs are easier because the gliding action that foreskin provides. As the man thrusts, his erectile tissue provides for a smooth entry and eliminates a lot of friction for both partners. The foreskin allows for the penis to contain more of the woman’s natural lubrication instead of allowing it to move outward and dissipate.

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