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The Definitive Condom Buying Guide

The Definitive Condom Buying Guide

4 minute read

Maybe you haven’t used a condom in a long time or maybe you’ve never used one. You may not know where to start. In this condom buying guide guide, we’ll go over some of the most common things that our customers are looking for in condoms, and hopefully this definitive condom buying guide will help point you in the right direction.

1. Sensitivity / Thinness

Buy ONE Vanish Hyper Thin condoms online with discreet shipping from Condom Depot

By far the most common complaint about condoms and therefore one of the more common questions are what condom should I get if sensitivity is an issue? The quickest answer is, a thinner condom is generally needed. Although, if the receiving partner is the one with the issue, you may want to look at textured options as well. Check out the ONE Vanish Hyperthin condom if thinness is a must for you!

2. Latex Allergies

Buy Lifestyles SKYN Elite Thin non latex condoms online with discreet shipping from Condom Depot

In recent years, there has been a lot more options out there for those with latex allergies or latex sensitivity. When talking about this though, it’s important to figure out whether or not there is an actual allergy to latex or perhaps something else. Many times, people think they’re allergic to latex when they actually might be having a reaction to something else such as certain types of spermicidal lubricants. If you still have allergic reactions when using non-latex condoms, you are probably having a reaction to something else. Check out our wide selection of non-latex condoms. For the best non latex condom and one of the thinnest condoms, check out Lifestyles SKYN Elite Thin condom. 

3. Larger or Smaller-Sized Condoms

Buy condoms by size online with discreet shipping from Condom Depot

Although condoms are designed to accommodate a variety of different sized people, there are going to be those that have more specific needs when it comes to size. What is important to know here is that when talking about size, we are mostly concerned with width and snugness. Many people think they need a smaller condom because there is an extra inch or two extra in the length. When using a condom, the most important thing is that you do not want it slipping off or conversely being to tight. If it is too tight, you need a larger condom. It is common to have a little bit of extra length and it is typically not an issue for concern. As long as the condom is comfortable and secure, you probably have the right size. Caution Wear Iron Grip is out best selling snugger fit condom. Durex XXL is one of the largest condoms on the market.  

4. Performance-Enhancing Condoms

Buy climax control condoms online like Durex Prolong condoms with ejaculation delay lubricant online with discreet shipping from Condom Depot

Although not as common as our first issue, it is not uncommon that some people suffer almost no sensitivity loss and may even need some help with climaxing. Thankfully there are plenty of condom options that incorporate climax control lubricants, including our favorite Durex Prolong condoms If you can’t find one of those to suit your needs, you can always buy your favorite condom and use a supplemental climax control lubricant.

5. Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Some out there are have the simplest need of all. What’s the most I can get for “X”. Thankfully here at Condom Depot, we have many of our products in bulk quantities that allow you to save a lot of money. Be sure to always check our individual product pages to see if bulk pricing is available.

6. First Time Using a Condom or No Idea Where to Start?

With hundreds of options out there to try, sometimes it's simply impossible to narrow your choices down to a single product. If this is you, look no further than our signature samplers. We have a sampler out there for every budget and need. The best place to start is with our World's Best Condom Jar or if you're feeling ambitious, try our 100 Condom Sampler.

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