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THC Lube Hits the Market

THC Lube Hits the Market

4 minute read

Move over, weed-flavored condoms! Word is, this weed-enriched lubricant will actually get you high. For reals. So what's the low down with THC Lube

Foria was founded by Matthew Gerson, who actually also founded another popular, alternative sex company: Sir Richard’s Condoms. These condoms made our list of the best vegan condoms on the market, and like them, Foria is vegan-friendly. It’s also pesticide-free and 100% organic.

Foria takes THC oil from marijuana and combines it with body-friendly coconut oil. The spray aims to get your vagina high, although the company is quick to point out that this is a very different high than smoking a joint. Two reviewers also confirmed this-- Amelia McDonell-Parry for The Frisky says that while her vagina felt what she could only describe as high, it didn’t affect her mind at all; Mish Way for Vice only got head-high after ingesting the spray orally.

As to how it felt exactly, McDonell-Parry had this amazing quote to share:

You’ll feel a lot more loosey goosey down there. I’m going to get to explaining how, exactly, a stoned vagina feels, but the thing that stood out to me the most during the first time I used Foria is that I just felt really relaxed down there. Like, tension free. Like my vagina was kicking back on the beach in Mexico, without a care in the world.[...] My vagina was kind of blissed out and down for whatever.

The term lube is a little misleading. This spray is actually a lot like WET wOw Clitoral Arousal Gel. It’s applied to the clitoris, labia, and vaginal canal via a spray mechanism an hour or so before engaging in intercourse to achieve the full effect. The mucous membranes in the vagina then absorb the THC, giving you not a high feeling but more of an increased sensuality around the ladybits. Some reviewers reported using it like a lube, while others reported being more comfortable combining it with another type of lube for safety’s sake and to preserve the spray, which can be expensive at $88/30 uses.

Floria | THC Lube | Condom Depot Learning Center

Since the spray is applied and absorbed well before having sex, I wonder if that means it’s still condom safe despite the oils within? The site says to go non-latex on this one-- like the Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra.

Believe it or not, the intentions behind this drug-infused lube are excellent. Gerson was thinking (during an early morning dog walk on the beach) about his work with Sir Richard’s and the fact that he’d met many women over the years who had never had an orgasm.

“During that time it was brought to my attention how unbalanced the FDA has been with regards to putting out safe and effective medicines for female sexual challenges. [...] This is a plant that has been identified by countless cultures for its benefits to human sexuality and our quest for heightened pleasure and wellness.” [via Ecosalon]

The end result was fascinating and hopeful. In the original sample testing, nearly all reported that they had increased sensitivity, feelings of connections with their partner, and intimacy, even if they didn't have the multiple orgasms the site lists. in particular, it helped with combating vaginal dryness.

Foria is only available in California currently and only available to those who have medical cards (since marijuana is not completely legal in that state). Have you had the chance to use it? Let us know what you thought of it!

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