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Self-Confidence and Condoms

Self-Confidence and Condoms

5 minute read

Ever heard the phrase, “Nothing is sexier than confidence?” While condoms may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to feeling confident, using condoms is actually a fantastic way to boost self-confidence when it matters the most – in the bedroom.

Being Confident in Your Condom’s Durability

As discussed in our article, Why Do Condoms Break, being confident in the reliability and durability of your condom is essential for safer sex. Whether things are just getting hot and heavy, or you’re already in the post-sex spoon position, the last thing you want on your minds is a broken condom.

When you know you are taking steps to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies, you will feel more confident about what you like to do in the bedroom. There will be no need to stress or worry about the health implications or complications down the road. Instead, you can completely focus in on the pleasure and intimacy of sex.

Storing your condoms out of extreme temperatures, making sure they aren’t expired and using plenty of water-based or silicone-based lube are essential to being confident in the durability of your condom. The other factor that is really important in confidence building is condom size.

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Being Confident About Your Condom Size

As if clothing and portion sizes weren’t complicated enough, along come all these great condoms with no sizes listed on their packaging-- whatsoever. Frustrating, right?

Well, never fear, for the Condom Size Chart is here! Use this article to find out the right way to measure and then consult the omnipotent chart to find the right size for you. Remember, if your erection is larger or smaller than FDA approved condoms, you can always use a FC2 female condom.

Having a condom that fits comfortably and correctly will allow your confidence to soar, because you won’t be distracted by an ill fitting or broken condom. Furthermore, having a condom that doesn’t have leftover material at the end can make you or your partner appear larger, so pay more attention to fit than to the generic size labels used by manufacturers.

People that take listed sizes like snugger fit, large, and extra large too literally and can end up with a condom that makes them feel less-than-confident in themselves or in their favorite brand. For instance, the Kimono MicroThin Large is actually a little bit smaller than the Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lube. Go figure.

Even the largest sized Trojan Magnum XL, which is advertised for its immense proportions, pales in comparison to the size of the Kimono Ribbed Condoms, which is not listed or advertised as a larger sized condom, much less an extra large condom. Don't let the wording on the box confuse you or diminish your confidence. Just ignore them, don't base your self-esteem on them, and use the chart instead of relying on these arbitrary and sometimes nonsensical distinctions.

Being Confident About The Appearance of Your Erection

Some people have some serious hang ups about the appearance of their genitals. One of the most common concerns is penis size, as we previously discussed. However, other issues such as the color(s) of the penis, penile growths, Fordyce spots, moles, excess pubic hair on the shaft, etc. can cause a hit to the self-esteem when it comes to the appearance of your naked erection.

Even though these visual “problems” are completely normal and nothing to worry about, some guys may be more comfortable and confident in their genital’s appearance with the help of a condom. I know a lot of people who really like colored condoms for this reason. It’s like a festive outfit for your wang, which maximizes your good traits, like length or girth, while minimizing the things you may feel less confident about (like skin issues).

The most opaque condoms will offer the most coverage. My favorite opaque condoms are the LifeStyles Tuexedo pure black condoms. They remind me of the sexy and enigmatic black latex gloves worn by tattoo artists and piercers.

Other colored condoms are more transparent, so your partner will still be able to see through them, but if having a “stripe” or a multicolored penis bothers you, these Atlas Rainbow Colors condoms will definitely do the trick.

Since your partner is most likely to be up close and personal with your erection during oral sex, using a colored/flavored condom combo will be perfect for that extra boost of confidence when their cute face is uber close to your erection. For this confidence building scenario, why not try out the Flavored Sampler MAX, which includes 30 colored and flavored condoms? Do so, and you'll be outfitted with enough condoms to have the self-assurance and safety you need in order to fully enjoy the experience.

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