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Top 10 Safer Sex Scenes in Cinema

Top 10 Safer Sex Scenes in Cinema

5 minute read

We all love safer sex and we all love movies, so what’s not to love about the top ten safer sex scenes in cinema?

Sex scenes in cinema | Condom Depot Learning Center

10. Howard the Duck

Penises of all shapes and sizes need to be kept safe and apparently a talking duck’s penis is no exception to this rule. This 1986 film was considered to be a box office flub, but has since developed a strong cult following nonetheless. Lea Dunham’s character inspects Howard’s wallet as he naps and finds a Bloomingducks credit card and a teeny tiny duck-sized condom inside, which is already unwrapped, for some reason. So ri-duck-ulous! Here’s why shouldn’t store your condoms in a wallet

9. Coneheads

This SNL spin off from 1993 features a family of human-esque aliens who are trying to fit into the suburbs of then modern day America. Many misunderstandings and follies ensue, including the mother eating the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag and their leader happily chewing on a pink condom as if it is bubblegum. As avid Condom Reviewers, the Condom Learning Center staff are no strangers to tasting many-a-condom throughout our work days. 

8. Revenge of the Nerds II

We all know that nerds are the best in bed. The original Revenge of the Nerds taught us that! Even in 1987, these outcast characters knew to wrap it up. Booger may not be much to look at, but we love his optimistic attitude towards sex that motivates him to pack a plethora of condoms for his trip. We think he would’ve love our Condom Depot's Ultimate Condom Sampler

7. Superbad

As if this coming-of-age movie from 2007 wasn’t silly enough already, add in the obligatory condom and lube bickering scene and you’ve got yourself a laugh riot. But, they are right– drinking alcohol does cause vaginal dryness. But, you shouldn’t use spermicidal lube as they suggest, as this can cause micro tears and abrasions making it easier to spread STDs. Just use a condom safe lube instead! 

6. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

No one expects a virgin to know everything about sex, but the hilarious scene in which explores the ins and outs of how to put on a condom. He provides us a perfect example of what not to do– including stretching a Trojan Magnum over your entire arm before trying to put it on and debating on whether to stretch a condom over your testicles as well as your shaft. Due to a lack of sex ed, he doesn’t end up getting any in this embarrassing bedroom scene, so let that be a lesson to yah, folks.

5. Skin Deep

The cinematic debut of glow in the dark condoms from 1989, like our Night Light Glow In The Dark ones, simply couldn’t have gone any better. Complete with a blue bobbing phosphorescent erection, this melodramatic scene involves a cheating spouse and a lover who donned a red glowing condom and battles it out in the pitch black with the rival male. This Star Wars-esque battle resembles light sabres and is sure to make you laugh and want to try these glowing condoms for yourself.

4. The Mask

Jim Carrey embodies this character like the pro that he is, and even deviated from the script for a moment to improvise what turned out to be my very favorite scene in the movie! Released in 1994, the same year as Ace Ventura, he flew into the public’s interest within one year, and pulling out a seemingly used condom from his pocket whilst making balloon animals didn’t hurt his fame whatsoever. Really, this short prophylactic scene propelled him into stardom, in my eyes. 

3. Alien

The construction of this magnificently terrifying and extremely detailed infamous creature boasted condoms in its construction as the organic looking mouth tendons of the adult aliens. How creative for a pre-CGI 1979 film crew! But, since the whole stretchy and scary shebang was the brainchild of horror mastermind H.R. Giger, we aren’t too shocked at this unusual use of latex condoms. 

2. Naked Gun

The absolute ultimate in safer sex is the full body condom worn by lead characters during this gratuitous sex scene from 1988, during the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic, before prEp pills like Truvada. No matter how old I get, those oversized reservoir tips get me every time! Honestly, I would love to try on this off-the-chart sized condom and strut around. While extremely funny, this scene promotes a great message to avoid skin-to-skin contact and the transfer of bodily fluids for the best chance at staying safe from STDs and avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

1. Killer Condom

This list proves H.R. Giger just couldn’t stay away from the awesomeness that is the condom. If you like outrageous and extreme flicks, this jagged toothed condom and blood splattered script could become your new favorite film. Made in 1996, this cult hit never made the big bucks, but the one-of-a-kind subject matter and killer design of the creature makes this campy yet terrifying  movie the number one condom scene in cinema on our list. But, you know what is even more frightening than a killer condom? Having sex without a condom! Eek!

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