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Condom Review: Rough Rider Studded

Condom Review: Rough Rider Studded

3 minute read

Reviewing the Rough Rider Studded condom is gonna be a wild ride, but somebody's gotta do it! Hang on to your jimmy hats cause it's about to get rough, folks!

Recently, this condom made it into our 'Best Textured Condoms for Every Body & Every Budget' article for its unbelievable affordability. You can buy a whole case of 1,000 of these studded delights for a mere $125. This makes them perfect for dorm life, as you could chip in with your fellow students and hundreds of condoms for much less than hundreds of dollars.

But are they reliable and durable? As it turns out, yes. Yes they are.

These nub-laden, naturally-colored latex condoms are 8.12” (206.24mm) long by a 3.88” (98.5mm) circumference. They have a reservoir tip for added safety and come coated with a lube that can stand the test of time. This slick and thick lube can help you both ride hard 'til dawn.

Contempo Rough Rider Studded Condoms

From my experience, textured condoms can be a bit drying, so I went ahead and used some Probe Thick & Rich with it as well for good measure, more pleasure and peace of mind against rips and tears. Although, the premium-feeling lube on these, straight out of the package, really did exceeded my initial expectations.

This Contempo brand condom (LifeStyles' economical line of condoms) has a straight shape with no flare or extra head room and has 3” (76.2mm) of teeny-tiny studs beginning right under the head and ending halfway down the shaft portion of the condom. They’re not epic studs, more like gently elevated bumps on the latex. This means less texture for the receiving partner, but thinner latex for the wearer of the condom.

Contempo Rough Rider Condoms

If the name sounds familiar to you, but the packaging looks different, perhaps it’s because you are accustomed to buying these in their iconic condom vending machine packaging, as shown above. Not that I buy condoms from men's bathrooms anymore, but there was a time when I did.

So what's the down side, you ask? Let me tell you, this condom ain't easy on the nostrils. I opened up the blue wrapper and the pungent rubber odor offended my olfactory senses to the nth degree. Sadly, Rough Rider Studded condoms smell like a stud-muffin who’s been roughing it for far too long, or was rode hard and put away wet.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Contempo Rough Rider Studded condom is an inexpensive, yet high quality alternative to other studded condoms. Don't cash in those chips just yet, 'cause you won’t need stud poker winnings in order to poke her with these studs.

What Condom Depot Customers Are Saying:

3 Stars: “I didn't really notice the studs, and this is about as thick as your average condom. It was reliable and didn't break, though, so that's a plus. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention to the texture, but... Average.” Annie - Boston, MA 

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