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Condom Review: LifeStyles SKYN Large

Condom Review: LifeStyles SKYN Large

3 minute read

Who doesn’t love to feel a little SKYN here and there? Well, now you can get a whole lotta SKYN with the SKYN Larges from Lifestyles.

These condoms underwent a recent label change and baby, they couldn’t look better. Toss aside the old, plasticy black labels. The new SKYN Large condoms look like something you’d buy for premium prices in a Starbucks or downtown boutique. The burnt orange ombre is really doing it for me and while I don't normally get excited about these things, the svelte feeling of the wrapper makes my sexytimes feel really classy.

One of the first things I noticed about these condoms is the smell. As in, there is none. These condoms are great for an oral experience, especially if you hate the scent of latex or lambskin-- the smell is very minimal and the taste isn't even present. 

If you’re allergic to latex and lambskin condoms aren’t your jam, the SKYN Large condoms are going to be a great alternative to other non-latex condoms. These condoms are made of polyisoprene, a substance very close to latex but lacking in the certain proteins that cause allergic reactions. They still have all the stretch and softness of a latex condom though, so don't think you'll be getting the resistance of a lambskin condom or the baggy feeling of nitrile.

If you have sensitive skin, the SKYN Large condoms are going to be a great alternative. Even if it’s lube that makes you uncomfortable, these condoms come with a glycerin, paraben-free silicone-based lube. That not only makes them great for anal, but it also means this lube isn't going to dry up or get tacky like many water-based lubes out there.

Remember, these condoms are as close as you can get to latex without the proteins that cause allergic reactions. Which means that they are not safe to use with oil-based lubricants, like hand lotion, vaseline, or even coconut oil. Stick to silicone and water-based lubes with this bad boy.

And finally, we get to the size. This mutha is 8.26" x 2." While it's not our widest condom (that honor goes to the Trojan Magnum XL), it's still going to be comfortable on guys who are both thicker and longer than average, due to its ability to stretch. It even makes our list of the Five Best Condoms For Larger Penises!

Final Verdict

I love, love, love these condoms, and my partner who is both blessed in the size department and picky about his coital apparel, loves them too. They have everything we want in a condom-- from silicone lube, to the soft, stretchiness, to the lack of an off-putting taste or scent. Even if you don't need to live a latex-free lifestyle, LifeStyles SKYN Large is going to become one of your favorites very quickly.

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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