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Condom Review: LifeStyles KYNG Gold

Condom Review: LifeStyles KYNG Gold

3 minute read

6/23/2023--- Lifestyles has changed the name and packaging of this condom. It is now called Lifestyles Large and comes in a minimalistic orange wrapper. As of the date of this update, the product has not changed. 

If other condoms choke out your tip, constrict your blood flow and freedom of movement and strangle you to the point of softness, I’ve got some really good news for you! This KYNG sized condom from LifeStyles has a massive amount of headroom and is all set to accommodate any king’s extra large scepter.

This flared condom will make you feel as though you are truly the king of the castle because the top of the line latex material in the LifeStyles KYNG Gold is exceptionally smooth, tactile and supple. Therefore, this particular condom ranks super high on my touchability scale.

I believe part of this has to do with the velvety and very long lasting lube that’s on this condom. Surprisingly, it never got tacky or sticky over time, which can be a distraction for me. It feels more like a hybrid lube (mix of silicone and water-based lubes) than a straight water-based formula.

For being marketed as an extra large condom, I must admit I was expecting the Gold to be both girthier and longer than it really is. At 7.87” (length) x 1.9” (base width), this is a far cry from “real” extra large condoms like the Trustex Extra Large (8.62” x 2.12”). However, like I mentioned above, the KYNG Gold does have a 2.5” head, which is comparable to the Trojan Magnum XL head size. Although, the Magnum XL is quite a bit longer than the KYNG Gold.

Size issues aside-- another thing I find to be particularly enjoyable about this condom is its scent-- or rather its lack of scent. If you like smelling your partner and not the condom, this KYNG is a great choice for you. To my delight, my hands didn’t have that leftover rubber funk that they ordinarily get.

I’d also like to report that this condom is perfectly suited for fellatio, considering the spacious and ample headroom which promotes movement (and it's ideal for foreskin). I used the Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricants to enhance the taste, but honestly, the condom didn’t have a bad flavor on its own and I probably could have used a non-flavored lube and been just as happy with the outcome.

Final Verdict:

For anyone who wants a condom that is equally good for all orifices and provides a larger head space with a moderate base size-- you can’t get any better than this condom that’s truly fit for a KYNG.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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