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Lube Review: K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer

Lube Review: K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer

4 minute read

In 2012, after over 200 complaints were filed about inconsistent texture and problems with dissolving, the FDA pulled K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer from store shelves and requested further testing of this insertable vaginal moisturizer.

Then owned by Johnson & Johnson, but since bought by Durex brand, the K-Y line of lubricants has undergone a lot of changes in the past year-- one being a reformulation of their Liquibeads. Have they improved? Read on to find out!

Liquibeads are not really a lube. They are a vaginal moisturizer. The difference? Lube is designed to be applied during sex and removed afterwards. Vaginal moisturizer is meant to be a pre-applied, time-released product that mimics the body’s natural vaginal fluids.

For those who experience chronic vaginal dryness due to menopause, breastfeeding, or other reasons, this is a really good option for restoring the moisture needed for comfort and intimacy. Whether you’re masturbating or having vaginal sex with a partner, you can relax because K-Y Liquibeads are completely condom-safe and safe for use with all non-silicone-based sex toys.

In theory, a single box of Liquibeads provides enough lubrication for a month’s time, because each of the six ovules delivers a four day long period of lubrication (6 x 4=24). Since using this product during menstruation is less effective, this means that 24 days (a month of non-flow days) are possible if an ovule is inserted on every fifth day.

Much like the FC2 female condom, this product can be used well ahead of time, so you can focus on each other when the time is right, instead of taking a break in the action. This is perfect for those spontaneous start ups and for sex away from home. 

Maybe I’m too picky, but I really expected each of the six applicators to be individually wrapped. Instead, they were all shrink-wrapped together, so once opened, the applicators had no way of staying clean. After getting my applicator out, I put my remaining five in a Ziploc baggie for storage.

The ovule, as they call it, looks a whole lot like a bath bead, felt solid and smooth to the touch, and is the size of a Whopper’s Mini Robins Egg (the malted candy). They come in blister packs, like pills, and are individually labeled with expiration dates. It came out of the package without a hassle, slipped into the disposable applicator really easily and was a breeze to insert.

Overall, it only took about two minutes, so it could be discreetly inserted in the bathroom without raising any eyebrows. As directed, I put it in 30 minutes ahead of time. It felt very similar to inserting a Monstat 1 yeast infection treatment. Speaking of which...

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Gelatin, Glycerin, Dimethiconol

As you can see, the ingredients in this vaginal moisturizer are pretty typical for simple silicone-based sex lubes, except for the gelatin and glycerin. Gelatin (an animal protein) is responsible for making otherwise liquid lube into a more solid state for insertion and the glycerin provides a sweetness, which tastes nice but in turn, can feed yeast in the vagina and can cause a yeast infection. So, vegans and yeasty people should avoid using Liquibeads. But, it’s also fragrance-free, spermicide-free and hormone-free which are all pluses in my book.

As far as this product being a less messy alternative to lubricant, as they advertise it, my panties, sheets, thighs and armchair wholeheartedly disagree. My vagina quickly became a silicone-based waterfall, endlessly gushing staining vaginal moisturizer onto anything in its path. By the power of Vagina Falls, I hereby deem this as a three towel and two shower product! No problems with dissolving or inconsistent texture here!

It felt amazing being so incredibly wet, but seriously though, even my toilet seat was oily. And, inevitably-- an onslaught of thigh zits popped up to join in on the fun during my second hour of down-pouring. Awesome. My advice? You better read up on Removing Lube Stains before leaking silicone for days!

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer is a tremendously revitalizing, easy to use, discreet and condom-safe product for those with vaginal dryness. If you don’t have chronic dryness, you’re better off sticking with a less messy silicone-based lube.

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