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Condom Review: Durex XXL

Condom Review: Durex XXL

3 minute read

Unrolling this condom, I thought it was going to feel like clown shoes on my partner. Don’t get me wrong-- he’s big and girthy, and at 9.25 inches long and 2.12 inches in girth, the Durex XXL is certainly our longest condom, and it’s not shy in the girth department either.

But it turns out this condom was a good fit for him, and if you have trouble finding condoms long enough, this is going to be a great fit for you too. If you struggle with girth over length, however, you might want to try the Trojan Magnum XL or the Trojan NaturaLambs instead (although the latter does not protect against STDs).

It really is your standard latex condom-- no widened head, no ribs or nubs, just a reservoir tip at the end. In my opinion, those are always the best. I don’t need anything special to detract from the feeling of my partner. Sex is about enjoying one another with the aid of a condom, not enjoying a condom with the aid of one another. Durex is one of the few brands out there that really seems to get that.

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There is a subtle latex smell to these condoms, but it’s not as strong as many of the other condoms I’ve sampled which is a huge bonus in my book. Additionally, there’s no latex taste-- so these condoms are great for oral sex. Pair them with some of WET Fun Flavors-- watermelon is always one of my favorites-- for some tasty oral. You can even cut the end off this bad boy, then cut it in half and apply some flavored lube for a delicious and effective dental dam. Learn all about dental dams.

I’ve written before about how much I love Durex’s lube. It’s super silky soft, has no taste or smell, and it seems to last longer than the lubes most condoms come with. I just wish there was more! 

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict

If you or your partner have trouble getting a condom all the way down, or you find that you need a little extra room, you can’t go wrong with Durex XXL. They’re the longest condom we sell and they exhibit all the best qualities you’ve come to love from Durex products-- the subtle scent, the lack of a strong taste, and the silky soft lubricant.

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