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Condom Review: Crown Skinless Skin

Condom Review: Crown Skinless Skin

5 minute read

Did I bequeath our customer's favorite condom, the Crown Skinless Skin, with a bejeweled slew of compliments or did I discover, as the saying goes, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown?

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Crown condoms are the thin, pink, incredibly stretchy and soft, skin-like condoms you may have seen in adult films. And, as I said about these World's Best Condom Award winning Crowns during a recent on-the-record interview for an article in Men’s Health magazine, “I’ve used ‘em, I like “em!”

Asian condoms are a favorite of mine in general, as shown by my rave reviews of both Kimono brand condoms and Condom Depot's exclusive Japanese Condom Tin. What’s so great about condoms from this region, you ask? Hands down, it’s their fit, sensitivity and price.

Like Wink Condoms, Skinless Skins are manufactured by Okamoto USA brand. The Crown box changed last year to show this new American branding strategy and now includes the words Beyond Seven on the front, as pictured below.

Now, if you or your partner has a larger circumference, and usually requires a Trojan Magnum Thin to accommodate his width, asian condoms won't be an adequate size to stretch comfortably over his member and remain intact during the action.

While Asian condoms aren’t necessarily snugger fit condoms, they are a straight fit and they do run on the narrower side of FDA-approved condom sizes. Unstretched and straight out of the royal blue wrapper, Crown Skinless Skin condoms measure in at 8" (203.2mm) long and have a 3.88" (98.5mm) circumference.

Compare this condom size to our top-selling snugger fit condom, the Caution Wear Iron Grip, which has 3.5” (88.9mm) circumference, and you’ll see the Crown is a bit wider. And, when compared to a more average condom size, like that of the LifeStyles Ultra Thin which has a 4” (101.6mm) circumference, you’ll notice the Crown falls in the middle, girth-wise.

This is fantastic news for those who are on the longer, thinner side of penis size, but are uncomfortable and too constricted in a snugger fit condom and find that larger width condoms can slide off and compromise safety. How do I know this? Personal experience, of course!

My last partner and I employed many-a Crown during our let’s pound out this pink sessions. The fit was superb, yes. But, the wonderful attributes of Crowns didn’t stop there, oh no. Just like my lover, they kept going and going.

Crown Skinless Skin condoms are the most touchable condom I’ve used to this day. If latex, cyberskin, and velvet had a baby, this would be the resulting condom material. Incredibly soft, smooth, and reminiscent of fresh out the shower human skin, this Sheerlon latex is seriously awesome.

Sheerlon is also insanely thin, yet durable enough to stretch and take a beating without succumbing to any micro tears. They are so sensitive, both partners can feel every ridge, vein, bump, heartbeat, etc. of one another. The heat transfer between hip grinders is also exceptional, creating an even more intimate and bareback sensation for both participants.

Crowns come lightly pre-coated with a hypoallergenic silicone-based lube. But, they’re not really known for being overly lubricated though, so travel with a foil packs of condom-safe lube and keep a larger bottle of your favorite lube on hand in the bedroom. Believe me, the receiving partner and the condom will need the extra lubrication when the friction starts building into crotch fire proportions.

And, the best part about Crowns? The crazy low-cost. Scoring a bag of over 100 condoms of this kingly caliber for around $20? That’s some upper-level action for less than the price of a bucket of crispy skin chicken.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

"I ordered 24 of these a couple weeks ago, and now I'm back for more. My boyfriend loves these and says it feels like he's wearing nothing. I like them too because it doesn't feel like he's wearing a plastic bag. The lubrication is light on these, so you might need to add a little lube if things take awhile. There is no taste to these, so if you pull 'em off and switch to oral, it's all good!" Anonymous - Boston, MA

"I've literally gone through hundreds of these Crown Condoms, and they're the only one I'll use! I've tried everything and these are thin enough to let me feel every tiny ridge and pulse inside my lady!" Anonymous - RI - USA

"No wonder porn stars only use this! I can't go back to any other kind now. with this condom sex is purely about sex not about pregnancy breakage stds or smell of latex. Nothing but the best." Cindy - Bay Area, Ca

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