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Position of the Week: Time Bomb

Position of the Week: Time Bomb

2 minute read

What is a time bomb and why is it awesome? Maybe you or your partner suffer with chronic fatigue, back pain, or fibromyalgia. This is the position for you. The physics of it put little strain on the back and legs.  It's also a very affectionate position. Torsos and faces are very close, allowing for hugs and lots of kissing. 

The technicalities:

The man will sit on a surface (preferably one that can handle the weight of both of your bodies. Putting his knees as a right angle will take stress off his legs. The woman will lower herself on his lap with her legs on either side. If the surface is narrow enough (as with a chair) her legs will go on either side of the man. This is preferred to take stress off of her legs. If a bed or couch were to be used, the woman's legs would be bent at an angle that may cause discomfort. 

Why it's great: 

It's a good position for those that suffer with pain and discomfort. Both are seated in a natural position that allows for more of a gyrating or grinding movement. If tolerable, the woman can move up and down but this can cause wearniness in her legs. With this position, the goal is for simultaneous orgasm. If the man is closer to orgasm, the woman can slow down her rhythm, lean back and encourage the man to manually stimulate her clitoris. This position encourages affection, like neck kissing, ear nibbling, and oral stimulation of the woman's nipples. 

Tips and tricks: 

A grinding movement against the man's body will allow for clitoral stimulation for the woman as well as a deep penetration. You can link your hands behind the man's neck for leverage and lean back for a deeper penetration. This is another position where a vibrating ring for men would really spice things up. 

Couple straddle Chair | Position of the Week Time Bomb | Condom Depot Learning Center


This will probably become a favorite for spontaneous let's-do-it-in-the-dining-room position.  We love us some lovey-dovey affectionate sexy time. 

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