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Position of the Week: Hot Tub Hug

Position of the Week: Hot Tub Hug

2 minute read

Picture it: You and your honey are in cabin in the woods on a chilly night. There's been some wine/champagne/tequila. You're both feeling buzzy and flirty. You see the steam rising from the cheesy as hell heart-shaped hot tub outside. How do you make the most of sexy time in the hot tub? Make try out our position of the week: Hot Tub Hug. 

The technicalities:

Start with your guy sitting on the bench with his knees bent and legs slightly spread, leaning back with his arms outstretched and resting on the edge of the tub. Straddle him, facing forward, and lower yourself onto his penis, holding on to his shoulders for support. Keep your knees bent and feet flat as you move up and down or back and forth.

Why it's great: 

He gets a great view while you do all the work. You get to control the depth and speed. Change up the angle to achieve clitoral stimulation or reverse it for a hot tub cowgirl situation. Yee Haw!

Tips and tricks:

Play with your nipple (or his). Add some silicone based lubricant to keep the lovin' slippery. After you've both had your fun, take extra care to clean your hoo ha thoroughly and make sure you're dry before going to sleep for the night. Hot tubs are fun but are notoriously bad for vaginal health. Consider adding a (waterproof) vibrating ring to take your hot tub time to new level. Some of them even come with remotes to change the intensity and speed.

Position of the Week: Hot tub Hug | Condom Depot Learning Center

Enjoy your hot tub sexy time with this postion! It keeps you in control and feels pretty natural  If anyone walks up unexpectedly, it could be argued that there was no Hanky Panky going on - just a loving couple who likes to hug. Your secret is safe with us! 

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