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Origami Condom Delayed Due to Embezzlement

Origami Condom Delayed Due to Embezzlement

2 minute read

The controversy over the potential release date of much anticipated pure silicone anal, male, and female condoms continues as legal battles between Origami condom inventor Daniel Resnic, his former employee, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) rages on.

Designed for use during specific sex acts, like receptive anal sex, these body-safe, non-rolled and hypoallergenic Origami brand condoms have been on the forefront of every safe sex loving person who is looking for an alternative to traditional male latex condoms.

Originally set to be released in 2015, Origami condoms have been developed using the 2.4 million dollars of government funds granted to them through the NIH from money supplied by American taxpayers.

So how did the inventor of these new and innovative condoms and one of his employees end up in the courtroom? Massive embezzlement of funds. The only remaining question is, who took these funds?

Allegedly, company founder Resnic has allocated funds intended for Origami condoms on other ventures and adventures, including island vacations and buying patents for other non-related inventions.

However, Resnic blames his former Origami employee for the misallocation of funds, not himself. Nonetheless, Resnic’s lawsuit against his former employee was just thrown out last month in January of 2015, meaning that he is right back in the hot seat with the NIH.  

Resnic's most recent plan for repayment of the missing government funds? A once-weekly payment made out to the NIH of one dollar. At this repayment rate, thousands upon thousands of years would pass prior to a full court ordered restitution.

But, with all of these legal negotiations and restitution repayment plans still very in the works, will Origami's line of silicone condoms really still be available for consumer purchase this year?

We sure hope so, as the FDA’s anti-anal stance has worn thin with us and with our valued customers. Until then, we'll just have to make do with our silicone-lubricated male condoms and FC2 female condoms.

Source: [FreeBeacon]

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