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Online Dating: 5 Ways to Date Safely on Valentine’s Day

Online Dating: 5 Ways to Date Safely on Valentine’s Day

6 minute read

No matter which online dating service you use, you can be sure your favorite dating app will be positively bumping around Valentine’s Day. Let's go over some ways to date safely. 

Online Dating: 5 Ways to Date Safely on Valentine’s Day | Condom Depot Learning Center

In fact, it may resemble a virtual nightclub or meat market much more so than it does during any other time of the year. I attribute this surge in online dating activity to our collective Valentine’s Day subconscious.

When February rolls around, we all become completely entranced by the onslaught of pink and red hues, hearts, flowers and candy kisses. We look around us and then, suddenly, all of this couple based propaganda slaps us in the face. Hard.

“Oh no, I’m single on Valentine’s Day…again.”

For some, this thought is a harsh realization of singledom and for others it’s just another really good excuse to go out and have a smashing good time with a new and (hopefully) attractive male or female. During your February 14th festivities, the staff here at Condom Depot wants you to have the best time possible in the safest ways available. That being said, there are a few tips I’d like to share with you about meeting up with your online hottie. So, here are 5 ways for singles to safely date an online suitor this Valentine’s Day.

1. Pick Someone Trustworthy

When it comes to personal safety, it is particularly important to stay on your toes during this holiday season. I wish this wasn’t the case, but some people go into predatory mode around Valentine’s Day, preying on the loneliness of others. This manipulative type of personality seeks to find the weakest in the herd and single them out as an easy and less resistant target.

If you do find a seemingly like minded person while perusing your prospects online (fingers crossed), by all means, go out and have a great time. But, be hyper aware that this person is essentially a stranger and you have no clue about their health or sexual history. Too much paranoia will keep you in your home (alone) on Valentine’s Day, but a tinge of distrust will keep you on your toes and let you see into the underlying agenda of your online date.

2. Tell A Friend Who, Where and When

With modern technology at our fingertips, there is no excuse for meeting an online date without telling at least one person who you’re meeting, where you are (or plan to be), when the date is beginning and when you plan on returning home. All it takes is a quick text to a good friend, neighbor or relative and BOOM, you’re already done with step 2.

3. Bring Your Own Protection

You know how careful you are with your dating profile password? Shouldn’t you be just as, if not more, concerned with the well being of your reproductive system? Becoming pregnant or contracting an STD is the last thing you want as a reminder of your Valentine’s romp.

Prepare yourself for the onslaught of excuses as to why using a condom isn’t that great from your male online date. Bring several types and sizes of condoms as a means of combatting this resistance. You may want to bring a female condom along in case he straight up refuses to wear one, but you still want to have a go at him. Individual sized lubricants are perfect for these types of hook ups as well. They tuck away nicely in a pocket of your purse, so no one will be the wiser.

Of course, men aren’t the only gender capable of talking their way in or out of sexual situations for their own benefit. Beware of her,”I don’t need one need one because I’m on birth control,” line, and pay attention if she says she really wants to become a mother in November. In order to have safe fun with your lady date, men would be well advised to bring their own variety of protection as well, just in case she legitimately has a latex allergy. Guys may also want to consider bringing along a dental dam, in case you want her to be your Valentine’s Day dessert.

4. Know How To Combat Their Excuses

Prior to the date, as you get a handle on who this online hottie is through instant messaging or texting, you may become more in tune with the excuse they are likely to throw at you when the time comes. Brainstorm possible scenarios and figure out a reaction or response you feel confident with, just in case you have to go on the defensive regarding your personal health and sexual safety.

“So, you say you are allergic to latex?”

“No problem! I’ve got a polyurethane one right here.”

“Oh, this one is the wrong size for you?”

“Good thing I brought a few different sizes with me!”

“It doesn’t feel as good.”

“Would it feel better to do nothing at all? ‘Cause it’s this or nothing.”

Of course, these are generic situations and each person will have their own unique tactics for handling condom confrontations. Just make sure you’re geared up as much as possible. For further study on this subject, read up on romantic ways to ask someone to use a condom.

5. Always Have A Backup Condom

If all goes well on the date and things get physical, there is also a distinct possibility that there could be multiple rounds of Valentine’s nookie during the course of your date (especially if there is a sleepover involved). Therefore, being well stocked with protection will behoove everyone involved. Prep up now so you’re ready when the time comes. Now, purchasing a large quantity if condoms doesn’t have to be embarrassing, since you can quickly and discreetly buy our World’s Best Jar online.

We all know when things get buck wild, you never know exactly what will transpire, so here are some other scenarios which may make you think twice about bringing along a spare. You lose or misplace your condom, you mistakenly drop one on the nasty floor mat in the backseat of your car, she sexily tries to open the condom package with her teeth and rips right into the condom with her incisors, you realize in the heat of the moment that one of the condoms you brought along is expired, she is crazy hot and you wish you had brought a climax control condom, etc. As you can see, there are multiple reasons why it’s important to bring a few condoms along on your date. Just remember: bring a backup.

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