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Condom Review: LifeStyles Colors

Condom Review: LifeStyles Colors

3 minute read

Colorful condoms are always the way to go, and LifeStyles Colors are some of the most vibrantly colored condoms on the market.

I lucked out and got to try both the green and pink LifeStyles Colors condoms for my Condom Depot Learning Center review. The pink is by far my favorite in terms of the color. It’s far more vibrant than the pink of the Crown Skinless Skin and looks great-- both on my partner and in balloon form (as we did with the green in post-coital celebration). If you’re particularly squicked by the sight of spooge, condoms this vibrant won’t hide it completely, but it will make it feel a little less icky.

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There’s a lot of things that I'm really grateful for when it comes to LifeStyles condoms, but a big one is the lack of smell and taste. The silicone-based lube on these non-flavored condoms is completely tasteless, and the condom itself is also tastes and smells like nothing--so you can taste all of your partner's rainbow. I had to double-check to make sure it was made of latex (they are)! I don't know what it is that LifeStyles does to their condoms that makes them taste so clean, but they should let other manufacturers in on the secret!

When unrolling this condom on my partner, I noticed that it felt a little on the thicker side. But don't let that turn you off-- it could stretch like WOAH. While some of his feeling was dulled, we managed to add some WET wOw to the inside of the condom to give him a little extra sensation. It really did the trick.

LifeStyles Colors are also currently listed in our Clearance Condom section--they're the same exact condom as the regular LifeStyles Colors, the name just switched. And why not? For the price of a normal 102 pack, you can suddenly get 1000 LifeStyles Rainbow Colors condoms.

The normal LifeStyles Colors have the typical three-to-five year expiration date. The LifeStyles Rainbow Colors do not. That's why they're on clearance. They expire in May 2015. Maybe you can’t use 500 LifeStyles Rainbow Colors condoms for safe sex before then. Once these condoms expire, they can still be used for non-safe sex activities, like posh wanking, water balloon fights, art and decoration, survival kits, and a plethora of other things. We just can't sell them anymore, nor can we donate them, so please, take them off our hands.

These condoms won't be on our clearance list for forever, so make sure you get your hands on them as soon as possible.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

With our clearance prices, LifeStyles Colors condoms really can't be beat. They're one of the best non-flavored condoms out there for oral sex, and their beautiful hues really help sex feel more fun and playful.

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