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The Kama Sutra and Size Compatibility

The Kama Sutra and Size Compatibility

4 minute read

Since the publication and distribution of the Kama Sutra in 1883, the most notable claims to fame in this text have been the various exotic positions which are depicted through beautiful artistic illustrations.

However, upon reading it myself, I found that the main point of the text was about male and female genital size compatibility.

The Kama Sutra's three sizes of male and female genitalia:

Male Kama Sutra Sizes:

  • Hare (Small)
  • Bull (Medium)
  • Horse (Large)

Female Kama Sutra Sizes:

  • Deer (Small)
  • Mare (Medium)
  • Elephant (Large)

Despite the animal-based names, this book makes a really interesting point about genital size, and it’s not just in regards to penis size, as western culture so frequently focuses on. The Kama Sutra acknowledges and accepts that there are just as many shapes and sizes of vaginas as there are of penises, both in length and girth. As a female, this is a somewhat refreshing viewpoint. It gets really old to hear people obsess over their penis size, when it’s not any more complicated than determining vaginal size (in fact, it may be simpler to ascertain).

This is further complicated by the fact that both genders’ genitals change sizes dramatically during arousal. However, considering that properly sized condoms are essential to sexual health, one can begin to understand where the obsession comes from.

According to the ancient wisdom of the Kama Sutra, when it comes to heterosexual couples, these three distinct sizes of men and women are meant to be matched up with a partner of equal size. This gives them the greatest chance of sexual fulfillment, enjoyment and satisfaction. It also states that disproportional couples can be very happy together, but may experience lesser sexual gratification.

Kama Sutra Size Compatibility - Hare + Deer

Kama Sutra Size Compatibility Hare and Deer | Condom Depot Learning Center

Ideally, the smaller hare sized man would have a female mate who is classified as being deer sized, which is the most diminutive vagina. Men who fall into the hare range may find it difficult to hunt down the perfect sized condom, as is the case with men in the the larger horse category. I suggest the Trustex Mint Non-Lubricated and the FC2 for shorter lengths and the Caution Wear Iron Grip and LifeStyles Snugger Fit for smaller girth. The Snugger Fit Sampler Pack is great for this size range as well. Check out these positions for men with smaller penises if you find yourself mismatched with a larger female, like a mare or elephant.

Kama Sutra Size Compatibility - Bull + Mare

Kama Sutra Size Compatibility Bull Mare | Condom Depot Learning Center

The average sized man, known as the bull, is most perfectly matched with a medium sized female known as a mare. Bulls will have the easiest time finding properly fitting condoms. The World’s Best Condom Jar offers a great variety in this medium range of sizes. The LifeStyles Ribbed also make for great options for the bull sized man and his partner.

Kama Sutra Size Compatibility - Horse + Elephant

Kama Sutra Size Compatibility Horse Elephant | Condom Depot Learning Center

The larger sized men, known as horses, are suited to have a female companion who has a bigger than average vagina, which is dubbed as an elephant size in the Kama Sutra. I recommend the Big Guns Condom Sampler for those horses who like variety. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may be surprised to learn that Trojan Magnum XL condoms are not the longest condoms we carry, although they are the widest. Our three longest and most substantial horse sized condoms are: Durex XXL, the Caution Wear Grande and the Trustex Extra Large.

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