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Increasing Male Ejaculate: Going the Distance

Increasing Male Ejaculate: Going the Distance

5 minute read

Let’s face it: people like big loads. Whether it’s being searched for on an adult video website, or it’s in real life, many really like seeing and having heaping wads of semen as a central part of their lovemaking sessions. What’s the psychological reasoning behind this? Semen represents fertility, and there seems to be a mental connection between fertility and virility, youth, and prowess. So, to put it in more basic terms, we seem to subconsciously think that the more a someone cums, the younger, hotter, and more sexual they are. Talk about a confidence booster.

So, how can you increase the number of passengers on your generation ship? Here are some tips.


Protein | Increasing Male Ejaculate | Learning Center

Proteins contain amino acids, which are essential in semen. You may remember hearing about amino acids from high school science class-- they’re the building blocks of life. But they’re also the building blocks of semen, particularly the amino acids L-Arginine (found in nuts and eggs), L-Carnitine (found in red meat) and L-Lysine (found in dairy products).

You can bulk out on these proteins not only from the traditional places (like meat and nuts), but also from protein shakes (especially those with whey protein), Horny Goat Weed, and certain vitamins, like B9.

Improving Your Health

Health | Increasing Male Ejaculate | Learning Center

When you’re sick, you aren’t going to be up to your A-game in the sack. This is the same if you have chronic conditions, are overweight, or out of shape.

You can improve your health in a number of ways. The first way is eating right. As mentioned above, consuming more protein is important for increasing your genetic load, but don’t switch to a strict diet of cheeseburgers. Balance this new diet with plenty of green vegetables and whole grains. Drink water in place of sugary drinks. Adding vitamin C and antioxidants will keep your generous ejaculate healthy and strong.

Exercise can also help your semen flow mighty and strong. It not only increases blood flow (essential to keeping sperm happy and healthy), but it can help you fight off diseases and conditions caused by being out of shape, such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Stretches like kegels can also help keep your pelvic floor muscles healthy-- remember, they aren't just for the ladies.

Edging and Abstinence

If you’ve seen the first season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, you’ve probably heard of edging. Edging is orgasm control. In the simplest form, it means forcing yourself to not orgasm, thereby building up a final, more intense orgasm. If you're interested in learning more, check out our article on The Art of Edging.

Now, we know that advocating abstinence only for sex ed doesn’t work, but in terms of increasing your gland-chowder, it can be a mega boost. Communities like the Reddit's NoFap advocate not masturbating in order to build up vitality. They're partially right. While restricting yourself from masturbating can cause some unnecessary mental guilt and anguish which we do NOT advocate, excessive masturbation or sex can make your loads smaller. The body needs time to reestablish its load. We aren't talking months here. If you jerk it every day, take a couple days off and see if that increases your volume.

Drop The Ball(s)

There’s a reason testicles hang below the body: they have to keep cooler than body temperature to produce sperm. In fact, exposure to heat is one form of non-hormonal male contraception-- although when used over long periods of time, it can cause sterility, so be careful.

If you balls are being brought back up to the body by tight pants or underwear, change up your fashion. Consider boxers, or even boxer briefs.

Switch from skinny jeans to cooler shorts. They may only be cooler in temperature, but if things go well, those pants will end up on the floor and no one will care.

Be Careful

An increase in semen can be exciting and sexy. But remember, it's also an increase in potential babies. If this isn't a part of your plan, then you need to take precautions. Condoms with reservoir tips like our world famous Crown Skinless Skins will keep all that semen in just fine, but larger headed condoms without the tips are also FDA-approved to do so.

While it may be a tempting alternative, remember to stay away from spermicide. Not only does it increase the rate of STD infections by opening micro tears, but the amount of sperm it eliminates is pretty negligible. We prefer any of these from our spermicide-free World's Best Condoms Tin.

If you want your partner to experience your whole load, make sure they're on hormonal contraception (if necessary) and you've both been tested for STDs recently.

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