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How to Return a Product to Condom Depot

How to Return a Product to Condom Depot

3 minute read

Sometimes, you order something and it just isn’t what you want. Or maybe you find that you no longer need it. Any number of things can happen to make you no longer desire a product that you order from us, and we understand completely. Because of this, we try to keep our return policy as open as possible. Here’s how to return a product to Condom Depot. 

I don't like my product. What now?

How to get a refund for my order? Return a product to Condom Depot | Condom Depot Return Policy

  1. Look at your order. Do you still have the original packaging? Did you place the order within thirty days? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then that order is perfectly eligible to be returned!
  2. Send us an email at: [email protected]. Let us know that you want to return the product. We may ask why-- this is usually just to steer you in the direction of a product that might fit your needs better. “I just didn’t like it,” is a perfectly acceptable reason. If you have your order number handy, that will make this process move swiftly.
  3. Pack your box. THE ORDER NUMBER NEEDS TO BE ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. We won't accept packages that don't have the order number on the outside of the box. Also, make sure to include the original packaging.
  4. Ship it to:
    Returns Dept.
    12900 Automobile Blvd
    Clearwater FL 33762
  5. 6. Once we receive your returned product, we will apply the store credit to your account and you are then welcome to use it at your leisure. If you don't have an account and checked out as a guest, we will ask you to create on to make this process easier for you. 

If you bought a bulk pack of condoms, used one, and want to return the rest, you can do that.  DO NOT return any used products to us. Return the unused portion only. A partial store credit will be issued and will be assessed individually, based on the order. 

Wait, Store Credit?

We do not refund cash/credit. We will give you a store credit which you can use to purchase a product more to your liking. Unfortunately, we will have to take shipping costs out of that store credit. If you don’t know what product would suit you better, our sales associates are more than happy to help. Send us an email at [email protected] or text us at 615-330-6887. 

What happens to returned products?

We DO NOT re-sell any returned items. They are instead returned to the manufacturers per a contractual agreement we have with them. Condoms are usually donated to local HIV/AIDs awareness groups after being inspected for damage or tampering.

What can I return?

Almost everything!

Items we do not offer returns on:

  • Condom packs containing over 100 condoms.
  • Custom Logo condoms
  • Wholesale condoms
  • Vibrating toys and massagers*

*We can not accept returns on these items due to health and safety products. HOWEVER, if you receive a defective product, contact us within 48 hours after you receive the order and we’ll replace it with an identical, working product. You will need to keep the original packaging and return the item to us.

Wait! I have more questions!

Ask away!  Email us at [email protected] or send us a text at 615-330-6887

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