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Hitachi Magic Wand Name Change

Hitachi Magic Wand Name Change

3 minute read

In the wake of the other product changes we have listed lately, we thought it would be important to highlight a major change with one of our biggest, most well-loved products: the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Chances are, if you’re familiar at all with the world of vibrators, you’re familiar with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Originally marketed as a muscle massager, the Magic Wand found its true calling after being featured as a top-notch tool for female pleasure in the 1974 book Liberating Masturbation by Betty Dodson.

A Brief Overview of Hitachi Products:

But Hitachi doesn’t just make vibrators-- since 1910, they have been at the forefront of industrial machinery production. Their products range from ATMs to washing machines, and even aircrafts. In fact, this weekend, I was driving with my boyfriend when we passed a tractor store that advertised their new Hitachis.

“That seems kind of weird that a tractor place would carry vibrators,” he said.

I replied, "You know, Hitachi makes tractors too, right?”

Hitachi Brand Name Change:

Because of this brand anonymity, Hitachi has decided to change their branding a little bit. In June of 2013, the company stopped production on the old Magic Wand and began producing a newer version. This version reportedly has a better handle on the transmission of vibrations, meaning it’s less difficult to hold on to and more pleasurable on the end that’s supposed to vibrate. A replacement of the circuitry has also improved on some minor complaints Magic Wand fans have had for years.

But the biggest change is just that the word, "Hitachi," has been removed from the packaging. Hitachi wants to be known for more than their personal massagers, and it's hard to blame them. The company would like folks to know that they make many other exciting and just as powerful products. Can't argue with that. Their company name has been synonymous with a product that isn’t even known for its intended application.

What this means for you:

Condom Depot will still be carrying your favorite vibrator, and searching for it on the store site under the word, “Hitachi,” will still bring you the results you’re looking for. However, just because the Hitachi name is no longer on the box does not mean that we are carrying counterfeit Magic Wands. You can see the official announcement by the company here.

How can you make sure your Magic Wand is still the real deal? Many counterfeit Magic Wands have a rounded button panel. The true Magic Wand, just like the old Hitachi Magic Wand, has a square button panel. But if you order from Condom Depot or our sister site, SpicyGear.com, you can be certain that you’re getting what you paid for.

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