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Line One Laboratories: Brand History & Products

Line One Laboratories: Brand History & Products

2 minute read

Line One Laboratories, Inc is responsible for manufacturing the following brands of FDA-approved condoms, and lubricants: Trustex, Fantasy

Line One Labs is a global company but its headquarters are located in California. They consistently advocate for more responsible penetrative sex and oral sex by creating phthalate-free, safe, durable and fun latex barriers for men and women. All of their reliable products are manufactured in their own factories and they regularly add new products to their already extensive safer sex product lines. In addition to the products lines which we carry here at Condom Depot, Line One Labs also makes Rain lubricants.

Line One Labs are most well known for their innovative, deliciously flavored and brightly colored condoms, making them ideal for safer oral sex performed on penises. Additionally, they also make flavored dental dams for protection during cunnilingus and/or anilingus. These are made under their Trust brand, which was recently changed from the brand name Lixx-- but the product is the same high quality and tasty barrier.

Trustex brand condoms are available in premium lubricated or non-lubricated varieties, which makes it easy to choose a favorite flavored lubricant to enhance their already flavored condoms, or to avoid lubricant ingredients which may be irritating. They also come in extra large sizes for those who need more room and extra strength for those who prefer extra peace of mind. And what better to pair them with than Trustex's own brand of deliciously flavored personal lubricants? Popular flavor choices include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mint. Plus, who can resist putting a cola flavored condom in their mouth? No one! Learn about real life run-ins with these condoms in our Trustex Condom Reviews.

Fantasy brand condoms are an economical way to stay safer while still enjoying colored, flavored or traditional condoms. Perfect for those on a budget, like college students and seniors, these condoms are all positively reviewed by our staff of condom testers in our Fantasy Condom Reviews.

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